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WD Black 6TB Performance Hard Drive

The latest hard drive from WD offers both high performance and capacity in a single package. The WD Black 6TB is equipped with a 7200 RPM motor, 128MB of cache, and is backed by a five year warranty.

Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix OC Graphics Card

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The Asus GTX 980 Ti Strix OC is a double threat as it's one of the fastest single GPU video cards on the market outfitted with a substantial triple fan heatsink. It's a strong option for gamers striving for better performance at ultra high resolutions without compromising on noise.

WD Blue SSHD 4TB & 1TB Hybrid Drives

The premise behind the WD Blue SSHD is a solid one, combining 8GB of snappy NAND Flash with a 5400 hard drive to produce a single responsive yet affordable high capacity all-in-one storage solution.

Intel Core i7-6700: Skylake i7 at 65W

The Core i7-6700 has a TDP of 65W, making it seem like a great choice for a high performance, energy efficient desktop build. Unfortunately, it's a lot closer to the 91W i7-6700K than the numbers suggest.

120mm Fan Roundup: Scythe, 1stPlayer, Reeven, Phanteks

Our latest fan roundup features five 120 mm models from Scythe, 1stPlayer, Reeven, and Phanteks.

Fractal Design Core 500 Mini-ITX Chassis

The Fractal Design Core 500 is a Shuttle-style mini-ITX case that offers a bit of everything at an affordable price, including excellent cooling & moderate noise.

Skylake Memory Scaling with Kingston Predator DDR4-3000

Armed with a massive 32GB high-end Kingston HyperX Predator DDR4-3000 memory kit, we investigate how DDR4 frequencies and latencies affect real world performance on Intel's latest mainstream desktop platform.

Reeven Okeanos Dual Fan CPU Heatsink

Though Reeven isn't a household name, their Okeanos flagship cooler is a compelling alternative to established dual tower heatsinks from better known manufacturers.

HDPLEX Announces Gen 2 H5 Fanless Case

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HDPLEX, a long-lived maker of passively cooled cases for computers, is now offering the stylish 2nd Gen H5 heatsink case, big enough to handle ATX, mATX and mITX cases with multiple power options including ATX, SFX, Flex, a tiny 160W NanoATX (with external AC/DC adapter) and even linear PSUs for audiophiles who prefer them over switching supplies.

Link to product page: HDPLEX 2nd Gen H5. Discuss this news in the SPCR forum.

Asus Skylake Z170 Motherboards: Maximus VIII Gene vs. Z170-A

Powered by the Z170 chipset, the high-end Asus Maximus VIII Gene and mid-range Asus Z170-A both offer SLI/CrossFireX support, M.2 slots on a PCI-E 3.0 x4 bus, SATA Express, USB 3.1 connectivity, and fan control for up to 7 fans.

Intel Core i7-5775C: Broadwell for Desktops

Overshadowed by the Skylake launch, the delayed and mostly unavailable Core i7-5775C is an intriguing processor. Based on Broadwell, it sports backwards compatibility with LGA1150, a 65W TDP, an unlocked multiplier, 128MB of L4 cache, and turbo-charged Iris Pro 6200 graphics for the best desktop integrated graphics ever.

Skylake: Intel Core i7-6700K

Intel's latest desktop CPU generation boasts improved CPU/iGPU performance, superior energy efficiency. Combined with a new chipset architecture that supports DDR4 and allows for more features, Skylake represents the strongest "tock" from Intel's processor upgrade cycle since Sandy Bridge.

Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB M.2/PCI-E SSD

Kingston's high-end consumer M.2 SSD is powered by the latest Marvell controller, 1GB of DDR3 cache, and 19nm Toggle-mode flash memory, and uses a PCI-E 2.0 x4 interface to overcome the limitations of SATA.

NZXT Source 530 Full Tower Case

The Source 530 abandons much of the style NZXT is known for in favor of relatively pedestrian looks and an open airflow scheme. Though not designed as a quiet case, it nevertheless qualifies as one through sheer cooling efficiency.

Define R5 tested at Orfield Labs, World’s Quietest Place!

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In an obvious PR move, Fractal Design tested the acoustics of their Define R5 case in the anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories, widely described as the quietest place on earth. A comprehensive report is posted at their website: The gist of their report can be reduced to this: A system that measures 28.7 dBA @ 0.5m in free air measures 7.5 dBA lower when installed in a Define R5 case. That seems like a good result, and we rate the R5 highly, but without any comparables, it's not exactly a definitive result. We don't know how much attenuation other cases would provide in the same test.
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