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 Post subject: Samsung RMA: good, but not friendly.
PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:56 am 

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Slightly OT, but I saw no other such threads elsewhere on the forums, and there are a lot more Samsung HDD users here (SPCR) than pretty much anywhere else.

My P80 was acting up, and it was awful close to the edge of the warranty. I got lazy and nearly let it slip. Finally, I went to RMA it (it expires Feb 28 ).

I dare you to find how to RMA a drive, starting from, in under 15 minutes. I ended up Googling it, which kind of worked. That is, I found Far East Service Corp, which led me nowhere useful.

"This page has been indefinitely closed.
If you would like to request RMA # for HDD, please contact 201-935-2300 or fax the completed form to 201-935-2520.
Sorry for any inconveniences."

Then I found the USA Samsung site's page for RMAs. You can get there from their main site, but you have to hunt (or have done it before and remember :)).

I filled it out, and got an email for confirmation...from Far East Service Corp, telling me to send it to Far East Service Corp. OK, guys, maybe work on this customer service thing a little?

The drive came in the mail just 9 days after sending mine off, and it was the exact same model (I was dreading getting a JVC motor one!), so I can't complain about the execution; and it certainly won't keep me from buying Samsung again.

It will, though, keep me from recommending Samsung to the non-tech-savvy. Anybody with reasonable intelligence can browse to RMA to a WD or Seagate, quickly and easily from heir main websites.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 8:26 am 
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FWIW, Samsung has always had one of the most user-unfriendly websites in history. Always has been, and apparently it will always be....

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 11:40 am 
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Odd that you had problems with samsung support.

I called their phone support line after buying a new LCD screen. This was on a sunday so i was supprised somebody was available, and had most of a clue.
The problem wasnt resolved, but neither was I left frurstrated.

Mabye the HDD side can learn from the LCD side?

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 1:15 pm 
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I will aggree that its not that easy to find their support section, but this one will help anyone in the UK.

Simple as pie, I sent a drive to them after doing everything on-line on Friday, and I had a new replacement on Tuesday, i said WOW. They must have sent the replacement back to me the same day they received my faulty drive, thats a quick turn around by the best of standards.

Rexo are the sole Samsung UK ODD/HDD warranty repair/replacement company.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2007 7:14 am 

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I took "the challenge". I was filling out a hard drive RMA form in under 1 minute. I went to Support, then request support. That didn't work so I went to the FAQ, and saw something about hard drives, clicked that, found a link to RMA form, clicked that.

Doesn't seem too bad to me.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2009 9:09 am 

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Apparently their RMA service works well for HD's. I can tell you it does not for monitors.

Two months ago, I bought a 2494HM 24" TFT. It arrived in the box with a big fat scratch on the screen surface (!). Sent it back to the Samsung RMA service - after struggling 30 minutes on the phone to spell my name, address, etc. There is no way to file an RMA other than calling.

First, the sucker at their phone misspelled my name, my address AND my phone number. I had to call back THREE times to get them corrected - the guys at the phone even said "oh but it's not an issue, UPS will still find your house". Right, with an incorrect name, incorrect address and incorrect phone number?!

Now, we're eight weeks later and half a dozen calls to their helpdesk later. I still don't have the monitor - which I really need by the way. They made a vague promise they could ship something in 3 weeks from now. That will be 3 months in total to replace a DOA monitor - if it works at all!

For my job, I regularly need to order computer equipment. It's quite clear that I will _never_ buy Samsung again - even though their products are quit decent. Luckily the procedure seems to work better for HDD's...

[edit] Damn, I just saw the last post 0is from november 2007 - not 2009. Sorry for the topic-kick :(

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