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 Post subject: ECS RMA service is just outright horrible - buyer beware
PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:04 am 

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I've been an (un)lucky owner of ECS 8800GT card. I got it because it had Accelero S1 heatsink factory installed and because I could get it cheaper than other alternatives after MIR at the time. Since I already mailed MIR newegg refused to exchange the card. Newegg policy is actually unclear in this regard. The policy says newegg will not accept cards back with MIR already sent, but they do not say they will not exchange it. Well, it turns out newegg won't exchange it either. OK, newegg is bad for not spelling out terms clearly enough, but ECS is hundredfold worse. Since the card has died ECS support has been completely unresponsive. After almost 8 weeks I still do not have my card back and with the prices right now I can buy evga 8800GT + S1 heatsink on sale for less than ECS card has cost me after rebate.

I wanted to wait until I get my card back before creating this thread, but seeing how they really drag their feet, I'd rather not wait. Here's the timeline.

The card dies while playing intro movie to Crysis (oh the irony). Takes me entire evening to troubleshoot it because I have to reset BIOS every time I plug the card in.

I send initial email to ECS support requesting RMA. They cannot give me RMA number right away, they have to create a "case" number on their tech support board and troubleshoot my card before giving a green light to RMA the card. Typical response time from these guys is two days.

After 8 days ECS support tech finally acknowledges that the card needs replacement and gives me RMA department number to call. This number is nowhere to be found on ecs website. I'm guessing they do not want to disclose it publicly. For the next week I try calling the number, but I'm always greeted with an answering machine telling me to leave a message "so that they can get back to me in the order the call was received". If only. I leave at least two, maybe three messages over next several days telling about my problem and asking them to call back. I never hear a word back.

Finally fed up trying to reach anybody I leave another two messages on their tech support board. I also find [email protected] emal address via google and figuring I have nothing to lose send RMA request there anyway (this address also isn't available on ecs website).

I get reply from tech support board that they forwarded my case to rma department.

I receive email back from [email protected] with RMA form. Finally! I don't know what worked, either the fact that my case was forwarded to RMA department or the fact that I took initiative and emailed them directly, but it worked.

I've been busy but I finally email the forms back. Follow instructions to the letter, they want zipped invoice in a jpg format. Why zipped, I have no idea.

Finally got RMA number in the email.

Shipped the card back.

Card was delivered to ECS.

Two weeks after the card has been delivered still no response from ECS, not sure what to do considering they do not pick up their phones. The only thing I can do is leaving another message on the tech board and sending another email.


So it's been nearly close to 8 weeks since my card has died on me and I still do not have a replacement. Experience is outright horrible. If you email or leave message on tech board average response time is second business day. If you call nobody picks up the phone. If you leave a message nobody calls you back. Any contact information is a pain to find as it is not available on ECS website. I suppose it's on a need-to-know basis. I had to google for rma department email address for Pete sake. Since the card arrived I have not heard a thing from them. I don't mind them not telling me the card has arrived (despite the fact that they really insisted I provide them with tracking number) because I can always check myself. However, they also did not tell me when I can expect replacement card back or even if they had a chance to open/inspect it yet. I can already feel some stupid reason to deny the warranty coming.

At this point I also wonder about rebate. I did get an email saying they received it, but seeing how bad their RMA department is I should probably keep a close watch on rebate too. Otherwise it might turn out I spent $250 and got nothing back for it.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:04 pm 

Joined: Fri Jun 18, 2004 6:53 pm
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Well, what do you know. I received replacement card in mail today. It appears to be a brand new card, although it probably can't be any other way because most of the times videocards can't be repaired anyway. Accelero S1 is mounted much better on this card, the cooler sits almost straight unlike the card I RMA'ed. Plastic hinges are also still in place. Just about the only complaint is that small aluminum heatsink that covers PWM's also supposed to cover another small chip closer to the base of the card, but it doesn't make any contact. Hopefully that will be OK.

I will putting the card in this weekend along with lapping my week old x3350 and ninja heatsink and making air duct for better temps/overclocking. After that is done all that will be left is to overclock CPU, buy either WD6400AAKS or Samsung 640GB, install dual boot XP/Vista on it and I'll be good for another two years I'm guessing without any upgrades.

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