Month: May 2002

A $5 DIY Power Meter

Consumer electricity monitors work fine to measure power consumption, but they cost upwards of US$100. It’s also more than we need. Our electronics advisor Tommy Yee suggested building one really cheaply. With our shoestring budget, that sounded much better. My super simple power meter took half an hour and $5 of parts. A very useful

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Fanless (or Not) with TKPower 300 & VIA C3

Partly a review of the TK Power 300 power supply and partly a DIY quiet computer project, John Coyle’s quiet computer project utilizes many components and techniques discussed in Silent PC Review: the above-mentioned PSU, VIA C3 processor, quiet Seagate Barracuda IV hard drive, Zalman fan mounts, Panaflo 80mm fans, variable fan speed contro, drive

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Review: VIA’s Small & Quiet Eden Platform

Silent PC Review’s first “official” review, on the VIA EPIA-5000, one of the all-integrated Mini-IPX motherboards in the recently launched Eden platform by VIA. Small can indeed be quiet!

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