Month: May 2003

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Zalman ZM-MFC1 Multi Fan Controller

Our second multiple fan controller review is on the Zalman ZM-MFC1, a fairly sophisticated, capable device. How does it compare to the buget-priced Sunbeam Rheobus?

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Review: Simple Fan Controllers by Zalman

May 28, 2003 — by Mike Chin While multiple fan controllers are all the rage with all sorts of brands and companies getting into the action, speed control devices for single fans remain very useful in many PCs. Often, in very quiet PC systems, one or two fans are set to a preferred, ideal speed

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Review: Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller

  May 27, 2003 — by Mike Chin Fan controllers emerged as a stock item for case modders and PC hardware enthusiasts in the past year. Once an exotic gadget used only by die-hard, control-obsessed overclockers, mutiple-fan controllers are now made by many different well-known brands, and merchandised in clear plastic bubble packaging — a

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Review: Quiet HDDs by Samsung, Hitachi & Seagate

  May 8, 2003 — by Mike Chin This article began originally as a review on the Samsung 160G SP1604N hard drive. It turned instead, into a roundup of 4 hard drives, the others being the 120G & 60G Hitachi 180GXP and the now venerable 40G Seagate Barracuda IV. The idea of a single drive

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Simple PSU Fan Swap Technique

  May 17, 2003 by Mike Chin A common mod done by many SPCR readers is to swap out noisy fans in power supplies with quieter ones. There is always a risk of PSU overheating and resulting in early failure, but as questions about this procedure come up constantly, here is a simple pictorial of

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SilenX 14 dBA 400W PSU

  May 4, 2003 — by Mike Chin Product SilenX 14 dBA 400W PSU Manufacturer Exotic PC / Fortron-Source Supplier Exotic PC MSP US$110 The SilenX 14 dBA power supply was one of the most celebrated products discussed in the forums of Silent PC Review. The posts about the SilenX PSU seemed to begin around

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