Month: July 2003

Summer 2003 Promotional Giveaway

  July 21, 2003 Silent PC Review, in cooperation with three generous Sponsors, is conducting a Summer Promotional Giveaway of fabulous prizes for quiet computing. Our goals are simple: To increase traffic to Silent PC Review, to promote our Sponsors who make & sell quiet PC products, and, of course, to reward SPCR supporters. The

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Ron’s Water Cooled HDD Silencing Enclosure

  July 7, 2003 by Ron Wlock Ron is a fellow Vancouverite with an engineering background and DIY panache who says Silent PC Review was a source of inspiration and information in his unique journey to PC silence. His first major accomplishment was the design and construction of what is probably the world’s biggest passively

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Review: Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 Pro TC

  July 7, 2003 by Mike Chin Product Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 TC Manufacturer / Supplier Arctic Cooling / Silicon Valley Compucycle (SVC) Selling Price ~US$20 Thermally-controlled CPU coolers are more common than ever before. It’s a simple concept: Tie the speed of the fan to the temperature of the CPU. The hotter the

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Review: Kamakaze HSF by Scythe

The Kamakaze CPU heatsink by Scythe in Japan is an unusual product, offered as a complete package with 80mm fan and manual speed controller. With a strong resemblance to Alpha heatsinks, the Kamakaze seems to have been designed from the ground up for “native” compatibility as a socket-478 or socket-A/370 cooler. Read the review.

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Review: Zalman 7000-Cu / AlCu CPU Heatsink

An extensive review of the Zalman CNPS7000-Cu and -AlCu, the current top of Zalman’s extensive P4 cooler line. They depart from the last generation of Zalman’s top P4 coolers from by being radial rather than “fanned”, and by having an integrated fan rather than one on an extended overhead bracket. How quiet and how cool?

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