Month: August 2003

Fortron FSP350-60PN “Aurora” 120mm fan PSU

The Fortron-Source Aurora 350W ATX12V FSP350-60PN / LED Fan / non-PFC is the first 120mm fan power supply to be reviewed by SPCR. With its cool blue LED fan and nickel-plated exterior, it’s one that’s meant to be seen but not heard — well not heard much, anyway.

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Bluefront’s Lanboy, Part 2: Ducting an Alpha for 90% Passive Cooling

  August 17, 2003 by Carl Bohne This is the second of a three-part article concerning the design, construction, and misc aspects of “Bluefront’s Lanboy“. The first part covered the intake muffler and filter. This part describes the very heart of the computer, a solid aluminum duct made out of a Smart Choice Dryer 90

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D.Vine 5 HTPC Case by Ahanix

  August 12, 2003 by Mike Chin Product Ahanix D.Vine5 HTPC case Manufacturer Ahanix Supplier ExoticPC Price US$230 The D.Vine5 sample reviewed here has been sponsored by ExoticPC as their prize for Silent PC Review’s Summer 2003 Promotional Giveaway. The case has been supplied with two additional extremely quiet Ahanix-SilenX brand 60mm fans (retail value

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Bluefront’s Lanboy: Muffled, Filtered & Ducted.

  August 12, 2003 by Carl Bohne Summary: Part one of a 3-part article about the theory, construction, and misc. aspects of an Antec Lanboy, complete with an intake muffler/filter, an exhaust muffler box, an aluminum duct to the Alpha heatsink on a P4-2.66. Carl takes his clean air very seriously; SPCR readers will be

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