Month: September 2003

Commell’s P4 Mini-ITX board

  Sept 16, 2003 — by Mike Chin Product Commell LV-670M & LV-670 Mini-ITX integrated motherboard Manufacturer Commell Systems Corporation Prices – Direct from Commell LV-670M US$225 LV-670 US$175 LV-670M + P4-M-2.2 US$475 LV-670M + P4-M-2.4 US$525 The Commell P4-based Mini-ITX motherboards came to light back in April when Commell first released info about their

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Aphonos’ Dual HDD Bungee-cord Suspension

  September 3, 2003 by Scott (aphonos in the SPCR Forums) This clever implementation of hard drive suspension using bungee cord in a Chieftec Dragon case was first posted by Aphonos in the SPCR Forums some weeks ago. It really is a universally adaptable drive suspension technique and therefore deserves a permanent place in SPCR’s

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Seasonic Super Tornado 300 ATX12V v1.3 PSU

  September 2, 2003 — by Mike Chin Product Seasonic Super Tornado 300 PSU (ATX12V v1.3 compliant) Model SS-300FB Active PFC rev 1.1 Manufacturer Sea Sonic Electronics Supplier Sea Sonic Electronics USA Price US$65 The Super Tornado 300 is the second of three new “Super” family of power supplies from Seasonic. Regular SPCR readers will

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