Month: February 2007

Lian-Li HPC-600 power supply

Yet another brand is offering a new line of power supplies. Lian-Li, long known for their aluminum cases, steps into the retail PSU arena with the HPC-600 ATX12V model. It has features galore: Detachable modular cables, a golf-ball dimpled fan, the ability to double up with another PSU for more power, and ATX/BTX/EPS support, to

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SPCR’s Fan Round-Up #3: 92mm Fans

Our latest fan round-up covers seven 92mm models. Familiar names include Nexus, AcoustiFan, Coolink, and Noiseblocker, but there’s some unfamiliar ones too: Pure Silence and Fander both submitted samples. It’s noise quality that matters the most. Can any of the contenders knock the Nexus 92 out of the top spot?

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Thermalright SI-128: Evolution of a Past Master

The concept behind Thermalright’s venerable XP-120 heatsink has evolved considerably in the two years since it was released. The idea of a 120mm, top-down heatsink using heatpipes to distribute the heat was quite novel when we first encountered it, and Thermalright has reused the idea in the SI-120, and now the SI-128. The SI-128 is

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