Month: March 2007

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Antec MX-1: Actively Cooled External HDD Enclosure

The MX-1 is Antec’s first external hard drive enclosure. They pointedly call it an Actively Cooled Hard Drive Enclosure. It includes a fan, one quiet enough that Antec says it measures less than 22 dBA@1m. That’s quieter than most hard drives. It’s made mostly of plastic, but Antec also claims it keeps the drive very

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Zalman’s new 9700 bigboy heatsink/fan

It’s a real déjà vu. The difference between the new 110mm fan 9700 and the original 92mm fan 9500 cannot be told until they are side by side. Are they also twins in performance?

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Enermax Galaxy: A KiloWatt power supply

It is with some reluctance that we accepted the Enermax Galaxy for review. Let’s face it, a kilowatt power supply isn’t aimed at a quiet system for your living environment. Still, graphics card makers and gaming fanatics insist you need as many watts as you can get. No way it will be quiet at full

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Spire Fourier IV heatsink/fan

It’s an ambitious, heavy, all-copper, quad-heatpipe heatsink with high end aspirations from a brand not usually in the top ranks. Spire’s Fourier IV has most of the features and technology to excite heatsink enthusiasts. How does it fare?

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Scythe Andy Samurai Master CPU heatsink/fan

Scythe continues its tradition of big, ambitious, heatpipe-equipped CPU coolers with curious names. This one takes its moniker from a cartoon character, and has a fan that blows down, instead of across, like so many high end heatsinks today. Can this return to “traditional” airflow help the Andy Samurai Master take on the big tower

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