Month: July 2008

Thermaltake Duorb VGA Cooler: Are Two Orbs Better Than One?

Thermaltake offers a dual-orb, dual-fan cooling system for hot VGA cards in the CL-G0102 DuOrb. Are two really better than one?

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Asus M3N78 Pro: Geforce 8300 & HybridPower Explored

nVidia’s 8300 chipset can be seen as a response (albeit a delayed one) to AMD’s groundbreaking 780G chipset. It, too, boasts higher power efficiency, an improved IGP and Hybrid Power, an answer to the 780G’s ATI Hybrid Crossfire. We tried it with an X2 4850e, as well as a new low power 65W Phenom, and

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Diamond Radeon HD4850

The Diamond Radeon HD 4850 uses a cooling solution that looks virtually identical to the reference design, which is widely used by many card makers. This suggests that the acoustic, power and thermal performance of the Diamond, which we examine in detail, applies to many models featuring the HD 4850, already considered the best bang-for-the-money

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