Month: November 2008

Antec Fusion Remote Max HTPC case

The long awaited “Son of Fusion” is finally here. It’s much bigger than the highly successful Fusion/NSK2400. We dive in to find out how this new Antec case is similar to and different from its predecessor.

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Asus P5Q-EM G45 mATX motherboard

The PG35 chipset P5E-VM HDMI was one of the best LGA775 mATX boards of the last generation. With so many features it made an excellent ATX replacement and stood alone in its class for almost a year. Now, poised to replace it is the Asus P5Q-EM. Sporting a similar feature-set, but based around the new

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NX-8060 PSU improved: Nexus redux

The Nexus NX-8060 600W power supply has been revised for improved acoustics, making it “even more silent,” according to the brand PR. We take another look.

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AMD’s Maui HTPC Platform

Maui is a fusion of AMD Live! Media Center software and AMD hardware that combine into a complete home theater PC platform. Maui features an Athlon X2 or Phenom series processor, an energy-efficient AMD M780G chipset (used normally for notebooks) motherboard, a special audio preamp aand a high quality PCIe multi-channel amplifier that eliminates the

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Intel Core i7: Nehalem Launched

Core 2 has dominated desktop processors for the last couple of years. Now comes Core i7, Intel’s next gen architecture with the capacity to scale up to eight Hyper-threaded cores. What does the new platform bring to silent computing?

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How to stop the whining noise of your LCD monitor

The high pitched noise from many LCD monitors when their brightness is reduced can be utterly distracting. Here’s a simple workaround that can work quite well with most monitors for many users. Also, please participate in our Quiet / Noisy Monitor Survey!

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