Month: May 2009

Single Moving Part PC in Silverstone TJ08

Another month, another silent PC. This time, in a handsome presentable case with just one moving part: A 120mm fan spinning at 500rpm. The SMPPC combines an Intel X25-M 80GB SSD, a Cool’n’Quiet AMD Athlon 64 2X processor, high efficiency DC/DC power conversion and DIY modding on a heatpipe heatsink in a Silverstone TJ08 for

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Coolermaster Sileo 500: Quiet ATX Midtower Case

The Sileo 500 is a departure for Coolermaster, the company’s first case designed expressly for silent PC enthusiasts. How well did CM cover the fundamentals of quiet computing in this modestly priced case?

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Antec P183: The P182 Gets More Air

The Antec P183 is an update of the iconic P182. At first glance, the two cases look very similar, but the P183 has much improved intake ventilation and a redesigned bottom chamber to accommodate Antec’s new proprietary CP line of power supplies (as well as longer ATX units).

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Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi: Good Things Come in Small Packages

The GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi is not just Zotac’s flagship product, it is THE flagship product for mini-ITX. This is the board that small form factor enthusiasts have been waiting for — a mini-ITX motherboard with full support for Core 2 processors (including high TDP quad cores), good quality integrated graphics, a PCIe 16X expansion slot,

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Silverstone Raven EATX Tower Case

Silverstone cases are usually well-constructed with good fundamentals and dispense with frivolous aesthetics and features. The Raven is perhaps their first departure from this course and it is certainly a dramatic one. Not only is the outside radically different from anything they’ve done before, the motherboard tray has been rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

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ZEROtherm CORE92 Direct-Touch CPU Cooler

ZEROtherm’s CORE92 is a LGA775/1366 compatible CPU cooler equipped with 3 direct-touch heatpipes and an embedded 92mm fan. The combination is interesting as direct-touch heatpipes are proven performers, while center fan designs have never really panned out. Read on to see how it performs against other 92mm coolers.

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