Day: May 15, 2020

Best CPU Cooler for i7 8700k in 2021

If you invested in a powerful CPU, chances are you also need a cooler, and a good one. Today we’re investigating the best cooler for the much-lauded Intel Core i7-8700k. If you’ve bought this powerful CPU, you definitely need a good cooler to with it. Otherwise you risk your precious processor burning out early, or

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What’s the Best AM4 Motherboard in 2021?

Have you landed a great Ryzen processor, and now you need the right motherboard? Well, AM4 is your best bet. It’s the most popular socket, supports a whole range of chipsets, and best of all, it’s future-proof: AMD has promised long-term support. Check out our guide to the best AM4 motherboards for every budget and

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Best Gaming Monitors in 2021

Picking a gaming monitor is exciting….and overwhelming, with a ton of ever-expanding options (G Sync? IPS? HDR?) and constantly climbing refresh rates. Just shopping around makes you really want to throw caution to the winds and empty your bank account for the most expensive 4k display. Just imagine playing on one of those, though? Never

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Best RX 580 in 2021

The AMD Radeon RX 580 is one of the best value graphics cards for gamers, giving you excellent 1080p gaming for a very low price. But which variant should you choose? Companies like Asus and XFS put their own spin on this GPU, with different factory overclocks, cooling solutions, connectors and component quality. These translate

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Best 1080 TI in 2021

The GTX 1080 Ti rocked the gaming world, and that was just the reference card. Then came a flurry of bespoke third-party cards with custom cooling and factory overclocks, giving even more of an edge on performance. Which one should you choose? Fortunately we’ve sorted through them all and listed the top five, as well

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Best RTX 2080 in 2021

Are you finally taking the leap to the RTX 2080, but not sure which one you should get? Custom cards have so many different specs, sizes, and cooling solutions, it can be a little overwhelming. We’ve sifted through them all, from budget to behemoth, to bring you our top five. The RTX 2080 Graphics Card,

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