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Seagate Barracuda @ 10TB!

Noctua New Fans Coming

HDPLEX Announces Gen 2 H5 Fanless Case

Fanless Logic Supply NUC

103 120mm Fans Reviewed

AIDA64 v5.00 is released

Graphics Card Coil Whine; An Investigation

More HDD Consolidations

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Intel 6-series Chip (SB) Flaw

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Corsair Builder Series Power Supplies

Hot ASUS Eee Slate video demo from CES 2011

Lenovo’s exciting IdeaPad U1

AMD Fusion APUs Arrive

AMD HD 6900 Series Launch

SuperTalent Introduces USB 3.0 Virtual PC

Western Digital’s 3TB GreenPower drive

News: Sandybridge, Bulldozer and UEFI

MadShrimps pits Clarkdale vs Phenom II + 785G

23 CPU Cooler Roundup by Madshrimps

Apple Noise Patent Applications

DIAMOND-based heat transfer compound

120mm Fan Roundup – 35 Models Compared

AMD Phenom II processors for AM3

Winter’s wrath, from sea to stormy sea …

AMD’s Maui HTPC Platform

Core i7 News

Netbooks Saving PC Sales in Economic Downturn

First Intel SSD Reviews & 4-way SSD RoundUp

2008 Mobility Race & Refining Performance

Ode Magazine’s Silence Issue

AMD’s Crossroads by RAM

WD VelociRaptor looks killer

Web News Mar. 5/08: CPUs & Coolers

Turn 1 PC into 2 with free vm-ware

Spreading it Thin TIM Roundup 2007

Zonbu releases a $279 15.4″ Laptop

Give One, Get One: Extended to Dec 31

Are PC enthusiasts heading for extinction?

Silent Computers and SPCR in the NYTimes

Tiny ionic wind engines to cool computers?

Web News, Aug 7/07

EPEAT Eco-Computing Registry

Introducing Eco PC Review

Web News, May 23/06

Whining Notebooks

CeBIT Snippets

Web News, Heatsink Edition

Web News, Feb 22/07

Web News, CES Edition

RAMpage: Microsoft Not Vista-Ready

Massive Heatsink Roundup @ Madshrimps

Metal Foil Disk Drives

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IDF Fall 2006

Ionic PC Cooling

Web News: Aug 31/06

Web News: Aug 11/06

Web News: Hard Drive Edition

Choose an Energy Efficient Computer

SevenTeam Thinks Outside the Box

Antec Fusion hits the streets

AeroCase makes a splash

Computex Taipei 2006 is Officially Over

AMD’s new AM2 platform launched

Thermal Load Calculator by Innovatek

Run Windows XP on iMac with Boot Camp

Desktop Core Duo Products Coming Soon

As IDF Spring 2006 Begins

Mobile SATA HDD Roundup

Another Turion 64 vs Pentium M comparison

New Arctic Cooling VGA coolers at InsaneTek