About Us

SilentPCReview.com was launched in late March 2002 to provide in-depth articles, equipment reviews and news stories related to silent computing. SPCR has become the international hub for everyone interested in this topic:

  • General PC users with a growing awareness that their computers are unnecessarily, annoyingly loud;
  • Individual PC workers and enthusiasts, the group for whom the site was originally created;
  • Musicians and sound engineers, both amateur and professional;
  • Engineers and development managers from all walks of the PC industry;
  • Commercial system builders, small and large;
  • Manufacturers of quiet components and systems.

Silent PC Review offers a holistic overview of PC acoustics, thermals and power consumption issues. We focus on ergonomics and system efficiency, and our analysis is based on rigorous empirical methods. Our product reviews have established a strong reputation for high quality and a unique, systematic focus on noise. We see one of our roles as that of consumer advocacy: To represent PC consumers’ real interests and concerns to resellers and manufacturers on issues that affect usability that are too often ignored.

In our product reviews:

  • We tell you about how hot a component runs, what this means in terms of its need for cooling, and how it relates to noise generation and power efficiency.
  • We describe in detail the noise produced by each component, rank products by their noise characteristics and measure the noise — a challenging task made harder as quieter components emerge.
  • We make high quality audio recordings of the sound made by each component and make them available as MP3 files so that you can listen and compare for yourself, almost as if you were in our lab. (Beginning Nov 2004)
  • We review complete prebuilt and barebones systems for noise, power efficiency and performance.

Much of this information is presented in compressed yet detailed form in the Recommended Components section, which ranks all relevant components by their noise level. These pages are among the most popular on Silent PC Review.

SPCR and Mike Chin have received broad, repeated coverage in the mainstream media over the years, in such publications and programs as Newsweek, MSNBC, Time, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, TechTV, PC World, Hartford Courant, Wired, Vancouver Sun, The Georgia Straight, and many others.

The SPCR Forum is a lively place with a core membership who represent some of the most highly evolved practitioners of the art and science of silent computing. Newbies are welcome with open arms from “old hands” happy and willing to lend a guiding hand. The SPCR Forum harkens back to the origins of the WWW itself: A scientific community sharing in a journey of exploration and discovery. Grandiose as it may sound, that is the way many involved members feel about their avocation or hobby. I am grateful to be a part of this journey.

Stay with us and enjoy the ride. It’ll get quieter.


What We Do?

Tech Advice

We provide world-class advice from out technical team. We also summon some of the top experts on the market to provide the reader with the best knowledge possible.


We personally obtain and review each product and test it thoroughly. We’re all gamers, and we’ve all been there when something doesn’t work right. We test so you don’t have to.


We’re all in this together. As competitive as gaming is, we want a level playing field. Join the SPCR community through the forum, comments or shoot us an email.