Can ChatGPT Check Grammar

ChatGPT Grammar Check: Does ChatGPT Correct Grammar?

Well, yes, but actually no

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Though it does have a disclaimer below the input bar, ChatGPT can check grammar. With the internet rife with spelling errors and misplaced punctuation, grammatical standards have slipped. As generative AI becomes more and more commonplace and our lives get busier, using ChatGPT to proofread your work can seem a valuable timesaver. The flagship language AI is free to use in its base format, and is able to respond to prompts quickly and adaptively.

Though ChatGPT is not specifically designed to check grammar, it has been trained on a sizable amount of text data that includes proper grammar and sentence structure that help ChatGPT as a text-checking tool. However, the question remains as to whether you should use ChatGPT to correct your grammar.

Here, we’ll break down the benefits and drawbacks of using ChatGPT to correct your writing: it is a complicated subject, but we hope to condense the debate for ease of access. So whether you’re a student sweating over a last-minute essay or trying to write in legalese for work, we’re here to help you see whether you can use ChatGPT to correct your English!

Using ChatGPT to Check Grammar

Regardless of the subject matter, you can use ChatGPT as a quick grammar checker. Simply paste your chosen text into the UI and ask ChatGPT to proofread it: the AI will make some grammatical changes and then list them for you below so that you can double-check them yourself. With GPT 4’s image-reading technology, you could even send the AI a photo of a page for it to read and check the English of. All of this is immensely beneficial for anyone with difficulty reading or writing, as the AI can help formulate and digitize notes quickly, and check them for mistakes.

Generally, the AI makes suggestions for clarity: adding a handful of extra words or changing some punctuation for better readability. We sent it some work with numerous grammatical mistakes (deliberate ones, we should say), and it caught them all, along with breaking up the work into relevant paragraphs. Though longer-form work is less accurate, it generally manages to spot all errors and add some concise extras – all very quickly.

Using ChatGPT to Check Grammar for Essays

There have been numerous controversies surrounding college students using ChatGPT to write essays, with plagiarism-checking services such as Turnitin detecting AI-written work. We don’t recommend writing academic work using AI, as we’ll discuss, but ChatGPT can proofread essays quite well. Though it may struggle with more niche topics, the overall flow and grammar suggestions it makes are reasonable. However, we noticed that ChatGPT has a habit of over-clarifying whilst also over-simplifying: paragraphs with definitive points tend to become more vague or tame when proofed by ChatGPT, perhaps a side-effect of the large pool of data that the AI sources from. We recommend specifically prompting with “check grammar” rather than “proofread” to avoid having your work rewritten.

Similarly, essays written by ChatGPT don’t tend to have much of substance. They tend to follow an overall structure of “Pros, Cons, Inconclusive Summary”, with more description than points. And whilst the AI doesn’t technically plagiarize, the content it creates is an amalgam of any number of sources – without citations. More often than not, your tutor will be able to tell whether your essay was written by ChatGPT.

Using ChatGPT to Check Grammar for Contracts

If you are writing up contracts and want to check the grammar, ChatGPT is a somewhat valuable tool. For general-purpose grammar, it serves its purpose – making sure headings are consistent in format and correctly punctuated – though it can occasionally attempt to over-write an existing contract to be much less precise. We also asked it to proofread a contract that was missing basic sections such as working hours, but it did not correct the error – instead, it assumed the contract was complete. Overall, so long as you follow a template, ChatGPT can correct grammar for contracts, but it doesn’t speak legalese!

When prompted to write an employment contract, ChatGPT put together a strong template for such a document: covering all the basics you’d expect from a contract, whilst also clarifying that this was a stripped-back version of such a document and would need customization from business-to-business. When tasked with writing more specific contracts – in this case, a hypothetical world where Succession‘s Logan Roy signed over all his assets to me, the prompter – the AI refused due to its safeguarding protocols. Luckily for Logan, ChatGPT can’t write anything legally binding, so isn’t entirely suitable for writing contracts.

ChatGPT English Correction: Things to Consider

No matter what you want to be proofed, there are some general considerations to make when using ChatGPT grammar check:


As they remind you beneath every prompt, ChatGPT is not 100% reliable. If you are writing something complex or of vital importance, be sure to give it at least a once-over yourself for any issues or mistakes. Though it can handle all the basics, ChatGPT is no substitute for a human editor with a grasp on the subject matter.


Whilst we’ve used “Proofread” and “Check Grammar” and various other terms interchangeably here, ChatGPT takes things very literally. Word your prompt correctly before asking ChatGPT to check grammar, we recommend: “Check the grammar of this:”. Though it sounds obvious, this minimized unwanted editorializing and ensured the most grammatically accurate text. Regardless, keep your prompts simple and obvious.


ChatGPT is great for English correction in small-to-medium-sized texts – so don’t paste your entire thesis into the input box. You will have better and more accurate results using ChatGPT for grammar checking if you check section-by-section.

In Summary

Though ChatGPT is an amazing language AI, it does have its quirks and pitfalls. If you are planning to use ChatGPT to check grammar, make sure that you watch out for the features that we brought up here. Effective written communication relies on correct grammar, and ChatGPT can be an incredibly useful tool for checking English and proofing for mistakes. Just make sure you read through what it gives you!

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