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Can ChatGPT be used as an image generator?

In short, no, however, it can help you create the perfect prompt for online image generators

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It is no surprise that people are curious about the capabilities of ChatGPT. While the AI language model has been praised for its natural language processing and coding abilities, many asked if it can create images. The answer is no, as ChatGPT is not designed to produce images, but to output text-based responses. All is not lost though, ChatGPT can still assist in generating images by providing a text description, which can be used in a text-to-image synthesis model like Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or DALL-E.

ChatGPT visual capabilities

The most recent version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT (not the free version), which is powered by the brand-new multimodal model GPT-4, has image input capabilities. ChatGPT can now analyze photographs to help with a variety of tasks, although this model is only available to limited users it can still not create new images.

For instance, ChatGPT can offer food recommendations based on a photograph of an ingredient that is going to expire. This is only one of the numerous possibilities that may be achieved by combining picture analysis and natural language processing.

You can still use ChatGPT to create effective image-generation prompts for AI-based art models if you wish to generate images. There are other AI-powered services available that can create images. One example is DALL-E2, which is also created by OpenAI. Additionally, the Bing Image Creator is an AI image generator that is part of Microsoft’s Bing Chat function, which is based on the same GPT-4 model as ChatGPT Plus. Although there aren’t any ChatGPT plug-ins available right now that let the bot create photos, they might exist in the future.

AI image generation services

There are various AI generators available in the market that can convert text inputs to images.
One of them is Jasper Art, which can generate 4 unique images based on your text input. DALL-E2, created by OpenAI, is another popular image-generating tool known for producing realistic images. Night Cafe is also a popular tool with a wider range of features than its competitors. Photosonic is another image generator that offers both image generation and modification options. Starry AI offers more than 16 different styles for creating images and gives complete ownership of the images to the user. It is beginner-friendly with helpful templates and processes to guide users in generating the desired images.

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