Google Bard in Google Slides

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Google Bard is one of the many new additions to the growing list of highly intelligent conversational AI chatbots, this one being developed by Google AI. The software has been trained via a vast amount of data so that it can create human-like responses in much the same way as ChatGPT.

What is Google Slides?

A part of the Google Workspace productivity suite – a number of free-to-use applications, Google Slides is a presentation tool much like Microsoft’s PowerPoint.

Each presentation features a number of slides that can host images, text or videos as part of a general theme.

Creating a Google Slides presentation with Google Bard

Don’t be mistaken; you cannot directly create a Slides presentation with Google Bard, but you can use the chatbot to create prompts or text for your slides. This way, you’ll be sure to keep it streamlined and focused. That being said, although Google Bard might not be capable of creating the slide presentation itself, Duet AI’s integration into Google Slides will change that. Google has already integrated PaLM 2, a powerful language model, into Bard, which will be introduced onto Google Chrome in the coming weeks.

Duet AI and Google Slides

Duet AI is an artificial intelligence technology introduced by Google for its Google Workspace. It will allow users to draft emails or documents in Gmail and Docs by providing brief text prompts.

At Google’s keynote speech, they showed an example of these two programs working together. The presenter used an example of creating a slideshow for a parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. While the content of the slideshow was already provided, the presenter wanted to add additional glamour to the presentation which – thanks to Duet AI – was able to find appropriate data to implement into the overall presentation.

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