Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100: Our Top Portable Speaker Picks

Looking to play some tunes on the move, and without spending too much? Check out our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100!

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If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker under $100, you’re spoiled for choice these days. Almost every manufacturer has a handy, affordable speaker to set up wherever and whenever you like. But what’s the best budget Bluetooth speaker? 

There’s a lot to consider when looking for the best Bluetooth speaker: depending on your lifestyle, you may want one that’s durable, or small enough to take anywhere – or something with some groovy bass and treble? We’ve taken this into account as best we can, to present you with the best Bluetooth speakers under $100!

Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $100: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Battery Life

22 hours





  • Great value for money
  • Damage-resistant design
  • Long battery life
  • Average bass levels

Why is the Wonderboom 3 the best Bluetooth speaker under $100? Of the factors that go into making a great Bluetooth speaker, this clears them all! With a lightweight but durable design and great sound quality, this Bluetooth speaker screams value.

There’s almost too much to list when it comes to this Bluetooth speaker: it has a stylish design with a convenient hand-strap that’s resistant to the elements; such as dust, dirt, or moisture. It even floats on water, making it great for the outdoors. The Bluetooth connection is consistent, and good sound quality even at high volumes, making it great for blasting loud and annoying the neighbors! They’ll be annoyed for a while, too, with a battery life rated at 22 hours. And whilst this speaker has quite underwhelming bass, that is a general fault in most Bluetooth speakers under $100, and doesn’t change the fact that this still terrific value for money. The Wonderboom 3 easily clears as the best Bluetooth speaker under $100!

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Under $100: JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 5

Battery Life

12 hours





  • Ultra-durable design
  • Pair with other devices
  • Waterproof
  • Overall average sound quality
  • Lower-than-average battery life

If what you need is durability above all else, then JBL has you covered with their waterproof Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker. With eleven color variations to choose from for this sturdy speaker, the Flip 5 can take a lot of punishment without a problem.

Wrapped in textured fabric and rubber finishes, the Flip 5 keeps its tweeters protected well, allowing the speaker to be submerged in up to three feet of water. Additionally, there is a no-frills button-control scheme on the rear for easy connection and calibration – along with the USB-C charging port. JBL also implements their PartyBoost technology that allows pairing with multiple speakers to create a great jamming session – though this feature is limited to strictly compatible devices. The main tradeoff for this near-indestructible speaker is the quality of the sound – even with dedicated bass tweeters, the overall soundscape isn’t particularly great. But if you need a super-durable Bluetooth speaker for less than $100, the JBL Flip 5 is exactly what you need!

Best Mini Bluetooth Speaker Under $100: Sony SRS-XB100

Sony SRS-XB100

Battery Life

16 hours





  • Pocket-size design
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Low price
  • Underwhelming speaker

While most Bluetooth speakers under $100 are small by design, the SRS-XB100 from Sony is one of the smallest there is. This pocket-sized speaker boasts a great price point and is perfect for casual listening when you don’t want to bring a bag.

Though the size is the main draw of the XB100, it’s not a bad speaker all-in-all. It’s durable and cheap, and comes with a fabric hook to allow easy carrying from a bag or lanyard. Vocals are decently reproduced, and a pair of the speakers can form an improvised stereo setup that works surprisingly well. The size is a limiting factor in the overall quality, but with a price well under $100 the XB100 is still by far and away the best mini Bluetooth speaker to choose!

Should I get a Bluetooth or AUX speaker?

Ultimately it depends on how and where you plan to use it: a Bluetooth speaker is great for on-the-move music without cable management, but an AUX speaker generally has a better connection – just make sure the cable is in good condition! For use with generally static players, like smart devices or Record Players, we’d generally recommend a wired sound system. For TVs, we have some a handy on some quality soundbars under $100.

How to clean a Bluetooth speaker

The best Bluetooth speakers have some level of water resistance, making them much easier to clean: just run under a little water and dry. Otherwise, you can use a dry toothbrush to scrub away any dirt or grime that’s built up on the bodywork. If there’s internal dust in the speaker grille or charge ports, a small handheld air blower may be the best solution.

In Summary

These are our favorites for the best Bluetooth speakers under $100! Any of our top picks will be great for casual on-the-go listening to all your favorite tracks, but for a quality all-rounder we would highly recommend the Wonderboom 3 from Ultimate Ears. A great marriage of durability, quality and longevity; it’s our choice for the best Bluetooth speaker under $100!

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