Author: Eric Carrell

Eric is the owner and editor of SPCR. Eric has been gaming since he was a kid, always with a strong focus on PC gaming. His favorite games are Age of Empires II, World of Warcraft, Realm Royale, and the GTA series. In addition to gaming, he's also an avid traveler.

What is the Best GPU in 2020?

A good graphics card is essential for high performance, but which one should you get? The lines between Nvidia and AMD are becoming more blurred and all the different model variations can make your head spin. Fortunately, we’ve scoured them all to deliver a detailed roundup of the best graphic cards. We cover the best

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What’s the Best Thermal Paste for CPUs in 2021?

Even the best coolers won’t save your processor from a poor thermal paste. It’s often overlooked, but a quality thermal paste is essential for effective heat transfer that lasts long-term without drying or wearing out. The paste it comes with is usually of poor quality and will bottleneck your performance, especially if you’ve bought a

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What’s the Best Power Supply in 2021?

Sure, it’s not as exciting as graphic card shopping, but a PSU is the heart of your PC. The last thing you want is an inefficient machine due to poor power, especially after spending all that cash on the best components. Plus once it’s dying, you might not know until it’s too late.  And you

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Best PC Cases in 2021

Picking your case is one of the most exciting parts for PC builders; it’s the house for all your precious components, but more importantly, it’s the one thing everyone sees. It’s like the avatar of the hardware world; people look at it and go, oh you’re that kind of user… And there are so many

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