Best PSU for RTX 3060 Ti: Get the Best RTX 3060 Ti Power Supply

Make sure you match the RTX 3060 power supply requirements with our recommended PSUs!

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If you are putting together a components list for your next PC build involving the NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti – a still-valuable addition to any build – and aren’t sure what parts pair best with your chosen GPU, you’ve come to the right place. The best PSU for RTX 3060 Ti can be difficult to determine unless you know what to look for, but worth the cost.

Thankfully, we’ve already done the hard work for you: these are our choices for the best PSU for 3060 Ti PC builds. As always, we recommend not settling for the RTX 3060 Ti’s minimum PSU requirements, so we’ve put together a list that marries quality, value and longevity as our main talking points.

RTX 3060 Ti PSU Requirements

NVIDIA lists the 3060 Ti power supply requirements as starting at 600W, depending on your CPU and other components, which is quite a low power specification by modern standards. Even a 650W PSU won’t give you much headroom for future upgrades, which is why we recommend going a cut above this wattage. Our picks for the best power supply for 3060 Ti builds should provide ample power allocation for at least another generation of GPUs. For those wanting a barebones option, we have included lower-wattage products, but we recommend a longer-term investment in your choice of PSU for 3060 Ti.

Best PSU for RTX 3060 Ti: MSI MPG A850G



850 W

80 Plus certification



Fully modular

ATX 3.0


  • High-performance PSU
  • Ten-year warranty
  • ATX 3.0 compatible
  • Above-average price

For the perfect mid-point between present-day performance and future-proofing, the MSI MPG A850G is our best power supply for RTX 3060 Ti PCs. Though 850W may initially seem like overkill, it actually prepares you for most mid-range GPUs of the next generation or above – and extra power certainly isn’t a downside, especially when this PSU is 80+ Gold-rated for maximum efficiency. And with ATX 3.0 compatibility as standard, you will have no problem keeping this PSU around when you next come to reassemble your PC. We highly recommend the A850G as an RX 3060 Ti power supply!

Best Mid-Range PSU for RTX 3060 Ti: Corsair RM750X

Corsair RM750x




80+ Gold



  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Silent Running
  • Cable quality varies

Corsair PSUs always make the cut for our buyer’s guides: effective, affordable and reliable to a fault. The RM750x is no exception, and we were happy to crown it the best 750W PSU on the market! Another 80+ Gold-certified PSU, the RM750x keeps things simple and silent with a 135mm cooling fan that works incredibly well. Though 750W surpasses the RTX 3060 Ti minimum PSU by a large margin, it isn’t overcompensating for the average PC build. Fantastic and fully modular, this 3060 Ti power supply is perfect for those who want headroom to upgrade without overcompensating!

Best Budget PSU for RTX 3060 Ti: Thermaltake Toughpower GF1

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650W

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 650




80+ Gold


Fully Modular

  • Efficient budget-friendly PSU
  • Built-in voltage management
  • Poorer build quality

For a budget PSU priced under $100, there are very few better-value choices than the Thermaltake Toughpower GF1. With 80+ Gold certification, it combines a low upfront cost with low ongoing expenses, meaning that you continue to save money after buying it! 650W isn’t much, but it gives you headroom for extra power, should you need it. And whilst the build quality is poorer than other PSUs for the 3060 Ti that we’ve listed, it is the only element where the GF1 is weaker than fully-priced alternatives. For a recommended power supply for 3060 Ti PCs on a budget, the GF1 is our number one choice!

Best SFX PSU for RTX 3060 Ti: Corsair SF600

Corsair SF600







  • Tiny form factor
  • Quiet running
  • Expensive

For the bare minimum in wattage and form factor, we turn once again to Corsair: the SF600 is a phenomenal SFX PSU that packs all you need into a tiny build. Boasting an astonishing 80+ Platinum rating, the SF600 is a hyper-efficient model with excellent design. The recommended power supply for 3060 Ti models is 600W, which this PSU matches exactly (though this isn’t ideal, it is serviceable). Though it’s one of the more expensive models on our list, the extra cost is worth it for matching the 3060 Ti PSU requirements for even the smallest of PC builds!


Is the 3060 Ti worth it?

The 3060 Ti has a very good ratio of price versus performance: able to handle 1440p and even 4K gaming. Though it’s a few GPU generations old now, NVIDIA are very good at keeping older Graphics Processors relevant through driver updates and optimization patches.

What PSU do I need for the RTX 3060 Ti?

Most PC parts list the minimum wattage that they need, with the 3060 Ti power supply requirement being 600W. Though the GPU will only take a portion of this power, it is recommended you purchase a PSU with at least that much wattage. You can also use a PSU calculator to get a more accurate PSU requirement for your whole PC.

In Summary

Whether you just want an RTX 3060 Ti power supply that does the bare minimum, or want to give yourself headroom for future upgrades, these are the best PSUs for your current 3060 Ti build. Though you should always check your specific PSU requirements before you purchase, any of our picks today are guaranteed to give you reliable power supply for the 3060 Ti without fault!

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