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Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deals 2023: best sales for PC and console

All the best Cyber Monday deals on fast refresh rates, OLED, curved, ultrawides, and more

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The best gaming monitor is the only way to complete your gaming setup, no matter if you are playing CS2 on PC in 1080p or PS5 games in 4K. There is no need to overspend, Cyber Monday is almost here, allowing you to elevate your gaming experience at a fraction of the cost. Regardless if you are after immersive visuals to pair with your new console or graphics card, seek high refresh rates for fast-paced FPS titles, or low input lag, there will be a Cyber Monday gaming monitor deal for you.

You can expect deals on the latest and greatest panels from the likes of Samsung, ASUS, Acer, LG, and many, many more. OLED gaming monitors are the new kings of display, however, they come with an extremely large asking price, so any discount for the holidays is going to be massive. 1440p gaming monitors are another key focus for many, arguably the new standard and far more affordable than they were last year. This bodes well for anyone looking to upgrade from 1080p or 144Hz upward.

Best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals

See below for all the finest Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals that are currently live.

*These deals are subject to change price*

Editor’s pick
Save 31% now!

SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G93SC Series OLED Curved Gaming Monitor

Editor’s pick
Save 22% Now!

SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey OLED G9 G95SC Series Curved Smart Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, 0.03ms, Dual QHD, Neo Quantum Processor Pro, DisplayHDR 400, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, LS49CG954SNXZA, 2023

Editor’s pick
Save 33% Now!

SAMSUNG 34″ Odyssey G85SB Series QD-OLED Ultra WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor, 175Hz, 0.03ms, DisplayHDR True Black 400, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Advanced Game Streaming, LS34BG850SNXZA, 2023

Save 33% NOW!

SAMSUNG 49 Odyssey OLED G9 Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

OLED & NEO QUANTUM PROCESSOR PRO: With the advanced Neo Quantum Processor Pro, every frame on the OLED panel is instantly analyzed and optimized for maximum quality; Colors, shades and contrast come together to deliver a bright, brilliant picture, 49″ DUAL QHD: A screen as wide as two quad high definition monitors delivers maximum space to take in all the pin-sharp detail; It wraps around your field of vision with 1800R curvature to put you fully into your character’s shoes, DisplayHDR TRUE BLACK 400: Uncover every secret with infinite expression; See true black and dark colors on screen without pixel light bleed for supreme color and depth expression in every game, 0.03ms RESPONSE TIME & 240Hz REFRESH RATE: Samsung OLED with Quantum Dot technology delivers 0.03ms response time; HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort connections keep you ahead of the competition with the 240Hz refresh rate, AMD FREESYNC PREMIUM PRO: Hyper action made seamless; Fast-action and complex game scenes are projected stably and stutter-free with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to power your competitive edge, WHERE GAMING COMES TOGETHER: Gaming Hub allows instant access to streaming services and consoles; Smooth visuals and responsive gameplay are powered by Samsung’s advanced game streaming technology without downloads – just turn on and play*, GAME BAR: Now, you can easily view the status of the most important settings such as FPS or HDR; Modify the screen ratio, zoom in on the Minimap, or change the game picture mode without ever leaving your game screen**, SMART TV EXPERIENCE: Take a break from long gaming sessions to catch up on must-see streaming content with only a WiFi connection; Samsung TV Plus offers free live content with no downloads or sign-ups and tailored suggestions from Universal Guide***, BUILT-IN SPEAKER: Built-in speakers reduce setup time and desktop clutter from external wires and speakers; Take your game to the next level by never missing an audio cue, VERSATILE CONNECTIVITY: Tap into a multitude of input options; The HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort, and USB Hub lets you easily hook up to your favorite devices while maintaining a streamlined setup****
Save 40% Now!

SAMSUNG 43″ Odyssey Neo G7 Series 4K UHD Smart Gaming Monitor, 144Hz, 1ms, VESA Display HDR600, Quantum Matrix Technology, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, LS43CG702NNXZA, 2023, Black

Save 29% Now!

SAMSUNG 27″ Odyssey G7 Series WQHD (2560×1440) Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, Curved, 1ms, HDMI, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium Pro, LC27G75TQSNXZA, Blue

Save 28% NOW!

GIGABYTE M28U 28″ 144Hz Gaming Monitor

Save 39% now!

LG 49″ UltraGear DQHD (5120×1440) Curved Gaming Monitor

Save 20% Now!

Corsair XENEON 27QHD240 27-Inch OLED Gaming Monitor – 2560 x 1440, 240Hz, 0.03ms, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible, AMD FreeSync™ Premium, DisplayHDR10, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, USB-C 3.1 – Black

Save 29% Now!

SAMSUNG 27″ Odyssey G7 Series WQHD (2560×1440) Gaming Monitor, 240Hz, Curved, 1ms, HDMI, G-Sync, FreeSync Premium Pro, LC27G75TQSNXZA, Blue

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Where to Find the Best Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deals?

When it comes to Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deals, enthusiasts are in for a treat. Shoppers eagerly scout retailers both online and in-store, seeking to snatch up the finest displays to enhance their gaming experience and pair with the best Cyber Monday gaming PC deals.

Best places to find Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals:

  • Amazon
  • Newegg
  • Best Buy
  • Walmart
  • Samsung
  • Scan
  • Overclockers
  • CCL
  • Box
  • eBuyer
  • John Lewis

You’ll also want to keep an eye on manufacturers’ official websites, as they often offer exclusive discounts during the sales event.

In addition to these sources, you might also look for unbeatable deals on social media platforms, where influencers and tech enthusiasts often share their discoveries. Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals are eagerly discussed in online communities and forums, so joining these discussions can help you stay ahead of the curve.

When Will Gaming Monitor Cyber Monday Sales Start in 2023?

Cyber Monday is synonymous with incredible discounts and wild shopping sprees. This year, Black Friday falls on November 24th, which means that Cyber Monday lands on November 27th. Typically, Black Friday deals begin to surface in the weeks leading up to the event, with some early bird discounts even popping up during the first half of November. Early Cyber Monday deals start to appear on the Saturday and Sunday, with the remainder launching on the day itself.

To maximize your chances of securing the gaming monitor of your dreams, consider subscribing to newsletters, following your favorite retailers on social media, and setting up price tracking alerts. This way, you can stay informed about the latest deals and pounce on them as soon as they become available.

How to Get the Best Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deals

If you are on the search for one of the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals, you must read the below tips and follow them too, so that you do not miss the chance of the amazing deals. 

  • Plan Ahead: Start researching gaming monitors well in advance of Cyber Monday. Know your budget and the features you desire.
  • Sign Up for Newsletters: Subscribe to newsletters from your favorite retailers to receive exclusive discounts and early access.
  • Monitor Social Media: Follow retailers and tech influencers on social media for real-time updates on deals.
  • Price Tracking Tools: Use price tracking tools to be notified when the gaming monitor you desire goes on sale.
  • Compare Prices: Don’t settle for the first deal you see. Compare prices across multiple retailers to ensure you get the best value.
  • Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews and seek recommendations from the gaming community to ensure the monitor meets your gaming needs.
  • Consider Bundles: Sometimes, retailers offer bundles that include accessories or games with your monitor. These can provide excellent value.
  • Be Quick: Cyber Monday deals are often limited in quantity, so be prepared to act swiftly when you spot a great deal.

Should you wait till Cyber Monday for a gaming monitor Deal?

The best gaming monitor deals are expected to surface on Cyber Monday, however, we have seen some unmissable deals throughout the year. Remarkable discounts often appear both preceding and following the main event. Waiting might result in missing out on an opportunity to snag a deal at a comparable or even lower price. Rest assured, we’ll keep you well-informed about any early offers that arise before Black Friday week.

Final word

Cyber Monday Gaming Monitor Deals are not to be missed for any serious gamer. With the right strategy and a little bit of patience, you can snag a premium gaming monitor at a fraction of its original cost, enhancing your gaming experience without breaking the bank. So mark your calendar, prepare your wish list, and get ready to seize the best gaming monitor deals this Cyber Monday in 2023. Your dream display might be just a click away!

Silent PC Review is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More

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