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Exceptional new talent always welcome: SPCR seeks Hardware Reviewers in Vancouver, and News Contributors anywhere in the world. Click on read more for details.

Sept 14, 2006

We seek exceptional new talent for SPCR. We’re looking for…

1. Hardware Reviewers in Vancouver

Here is the criteria:

  • Strong interest and good basic knowledge in acoustics, computers (especially hardware) and electronics.
  • Good understanding and respect for "the scientific method". IE, controlled conditions for experiments, repeatability, double-checking of results, complete documentation.
  • Desire to experiment and learn (both hands-on and through extensive reading) about acoustics, computers and electronics; in short, about silent computing.
  • Strong writing skills and good communication skills in general; journalism and/or computer engineering experience and aspirations are welcome.
  • Honest, trustworthy, with bonafide references.
  • Live in Vancouver or within reasonable travel time to QE Park, and can devote at least once every couple weeks in SPCR’s lab.

What are the rewards?

Computer gear, often latest & greatest, quite possibly; invaluable work experience/learning opportunity (esp. for someone in univ/college or similar), for sure; salary is open and negotiable, depending on what you bring to the table.

Finally, there’s the close involvement in a genuine "cutting edge" community. SPCR began as a site for sharing discovery and exploration; I have not lost sight of my original goal.

The position is open only to those who can physically be in my lab at least once a week.

2. News Editors / Contributors

We seek several people with the following qualifications:

  • You have good writing, basic HTML, and communication skills
  • You have a strong interest and good basic knowledge in acoustics, computers and electronics.
  • You are an information junkie, scan dozens of PC/tech web sites daily and read like a maniac.
  • You’ve been reading/following SPCR voraciously for many months, preferably years.

The job is to find and post NEWS relevant to SPCR readers. Almost every tech web site and tech company issues press releases constantly. You’d monitor RSS feeds, get on PR mailing lists, etc, and scan this material regularly for developments relevant to cooling, thermal and acoustic issues in PCs.

There might not be anything newsworthy for SPCR daily; there might be. We’ve never had the time to do this systematically, so it’s hard to say. This is a trial position. To a large degree, how far you can go with depends mostly up to you, your ability to see/make connections, and to write in a concise, informative, entertaining style.

It’s not a full time job; it’s probably not even a part time job at this point. It’s best for someone who already is a news hound and would enjoy this kind of challenge.

Please contact me by email if your’re interested. A resume is a very useful start.