The Antec Nine Hundred case is easy to work in, with all the uninterrupted space inside. Installation of the motherboard and power supply would be trivial even for a novice builder, so they are not covered here.

This is a pic of the finished system but it’s also a good shot of the Antec Three Hundred case.

The 2.5" OCZ Vertex 2 SSD was installed in Antec’s hideaway spot at the bottom of the case, under the lowest HDD cage. The top pic shows the rubber grommets and special screws that go in from under the case. The lower pic shows the SSD installed.

The optional WD Caviar Green 1TB hard drive was installed in one of the two modular 3-bay cage, each of which comes equipped with a 3-speed switched Antec TriCool 120mm fan in front. The fan was removed for our build. The other cage was also removed, as it was unnecessary.

The cables from the PSU were run mostly behind the motherboard tray (as intended by Antec) to reduce clutter. Some sag on the "front" end of the VGA card was alleviated by "dressing" the power cables that plug in on that side of the card to provide a bit of pull against gravity. This might help card longevity; it makes us feel a bit better. Note that in this photo, the second RAM stick to enable dual-channel memory had not been installed (in the blue slot). BTW, memory sticks with tall heatspreaders need not apply; they so often get in the way of big heatsinks.

Here is another angle, showing the back panel as well. The PSU fan faces up, the Zalman fanmate 2 is stuck outside the bottom recess of the PCI slot covers (with double-sided sticky tape on its back), and the 2-position speed switch of the Antec TrueQuiet 120 fan is allowed to dangle on the outside through one of the waterpipe gaskets on the back. Note the DVD writer atop the front drive bays, and the absence of any obstructions to airflow across the upper half of the front intake area.

The other side… where cables were routed, tucked, strapped and hidden. The Zalman fanmate 2 double-side taped to the back panel controls the Gelid Icy Vision fans. This is a bit involved; please see the text below for details.

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