Scythe Musashi Installation


Our original plan was to reuse the cooling plate from the AMD reference cooler and install the GELID Icy Vision over top of it. Unfortunately the Icy Vision turned out to be too tall so we instead used the Scythe Musashi. For full installation/mounting instructions and details please read our full review of the Scythe Musashi.

With some care and patience the HD 6870 stock cooler was dismantled into its constituent parts.


The GELID Icy Vision fit perfectly, but was ruled out due to its height.


Ironically the slimmer Musashi was not compatible with the stock cooling plate, interfering with the portion near the PCI-E power connectors. We had to use the heatsinks provided by Scythe instead.


The Scythe VRM heatsinks fit almost too perfectly, making contact with a row of capacitors on the left side. We slipped a piece of plastic from an old power supply in between them for insulation.


Fully mounted.


The Musashi fit in the SG07 with a few millimeters to spare.

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