Sony A1 II Release Date

Sony A1 II Speculation: Specs & Features We’d Like to See

Could this rumored Sony mirrorless camera change the game?

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We’re against saying that there’s such a thing as the “best” camera here at Silent PC Review: photography is an art form with many niches, and no camera could possibly cater to them all. That said, with the recent Sony A1 II speculation, we could be set for an exception to the rule. The original Sony A1, launched in 2021, was a beastly camera body, and until recently there were few ways we could imagine the design improving.

Recent Sony developments have us considering the A1 II in a new light, and what this new model means for photographers operating at the highest echelon of their profession. With 2024 already a potentially stacked year for the company – with other cameras like the ZV-E10 II expected to arrive before the end of the year – let’s take a look at when the Sony A1 II release date could possibly be, and what we hope to get when it arrives.

Sony A1 II: Possible Release Date Window

Before people start selling off their old bodies and lenses, we still think the announcement of this camera is some time away. There’s no concrete release date for the Sony A1 II at present, but as a product, it is both heavily rumored and heavily sought after.

Given the speculative and tangible announcement calendar that we currently have for Sony products, we can all but write off the next two quarters of 2024. Sony manufactures products across a range of industries – from consoles like the rumored PS5 Pro through to headphones – and we can see a general trend of three months between product announcements and product launches.

With that in mind, the earliest we could hear concretely about the Sony A1 II is in Q4 2024: with a possible announcement between October and November. Should this be true, we’d hope for an A1 II release date of March or April 2025. This would give the company distance from other camera releases, both internal and external. Sony kicked off the year with the Sony A9 III, with a similar announcement pipeline between winter and spring.

Sony A1 II Speculation: Key Features

There are two cameras that we think could shed light on the Sony A1 II’s possible features and specifications: the first is of course the original A1, and the latter is the aforementioned A9 III.

The Sony A1 is the Sony camera: released in 2021, it had all of the top features available in a mirrorless body at the time. With a 50.1MP full-frame sensor, the A1 is able to capture intensely fine detail with highly accommodating cropping. With 30FPS continuous shooting, individual moments could be captured intensively without blackouts. Autofocus remains to this day a stellar benchmark of Sony’s capabilities, with intelligent eye-detection and tracking features that make it a breeze to capture moving subjects.

Released in Spring 2024, the A9 III highlights another technical milestone for Sony cameras: boasting the first global shutter system on a Full-Frame camera. This makes for 120FPS continuous shooting, and a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000. Though the sensor is only 24.6MP in size, half that of the A1, it features Sony’s newest Exmor RS technology – which reads every pixel in an image at once. Given that that’s over 24 million pixels, 120 times per second, the technology is not to be scoffed at.

So what can we expect to see in the A1 II?

Given the legacy that this camera system has, we can expect some top-shelf improvements to the performance and overall shooting capabilities. We’d place a bet on Sony following up the A1 with a similar 50MP sensor, but using the global shutter technology of the A9 III – tripling the shooting speed whilst maintaining phenomenal detail across the board. Sony is committing to global shutter technology, so the A1 II would be an impressive case study for just what it’s capable of.

Reading 50 million pixels is no mean feat, but Sony’s processing power is only going to increase given their other cameras’ improvements to processing. We’ve recently seen Sony, like many other companies, employ deep-learning AI to help improve technological performance – particularly in cameras, with the recent Sony a6700 employing AI to improve autofocus and tracking algorithms. To improve Sony’s intelligent pixel readout and focusing, we could see this same technology employed with the high-end A1 II.

In terms of video, we can expect 4K 120FPS, which has been the benchmark for high-end Sony cameras for some time now, along with cinematic camera presets such as S-Log 3. However, though this is unlikely, we’d love to see the A1 II incorporate even heavier-duty video capabilities not seen outside the FX range. We know that smaller camera bodies, such as the FX-30, are capable of highly cinematic dynamic range and LOG settings, so why not include it with the A1 II?

As with all modern Sony cameras, we expect that the E-Mount system will remain unchanged. The manufacturer’s extensive list of lenses grows ever longer – with third-party optioning as well as native products like the new 24-50mm G lens releasing regularly – so it’s unlikely to change any time soon.

Sony A1 II Speculation: At A Glance

With that in mind, let’s compare our predicted specifications side-by-side:

Sony A1Sony A9 IIISony A1 II (Rumored)
Sensor Size50.1MP24.6MP50.1MP
Shooting Speed30FPS120FPS120FPS
Maximum Shutter Speed1/320001/800001/80000
Video4K 120FPS (S-Log 3)4K 120FPS (S-Log 3)4K 120FPS (S-Gamut-Cine)


What is a global shutter?

A global shutter system means that, rather than continuously exposing and capturing images over a small period, your camera system captures the moment instantaneously and reads every pixel simultaneously.

Is the Sony A1 a professional camera?

Yes: Boasting one of the highest-resolution camera sensors of its time, the Sony A1 set a gold standard for mirrorless camera technology. Though it has been a few years since it’s release, and we’re predicting a newer model on the horizon.

In Summary

Though even in our most generous timings, we’ve still a way to go before the Sony A1 II release date. By all accounts, including rumored specifications and our own speculation, this camera will be well worth the wait. Even if we’re only half-right, this camera should still set a new standard in Sony camera technology – and we can’t wait to see it.

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