Best CPU for RTX 3090 2024

Our top RTX 3090 CPUs

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The RTX 3090 proves its mettle as a powerful GPU, despite Nvidia’s shift to the 4000 series. Securing top spots in gaming performance, the RTX 3090 stands as a formidable force in the gaming world. Driven by the GA102 and built on the Ampere architecture, this GPU is a true gaming powerhouse, effortlessly handling AAA titles on maximum settings.

Admittedly, the RTX 3090 draws a significant amount of power, rated at 350W. To fully unleash its potential, a robust power supply is a must. Pairing it with a competent motherboard ensures blazing-fast performance and response times. Still, you’re forgetting about the most important component of them all to unlock all that compute power, and it’s the CPU. So, here are our top CPU picks for the RTX 3090.

RTX 4080 Vs RTX 3090

If you find yourself contemplating whether to stick with your trusty RTX 3090 or take a leap to Nvidia’s latest RTX 4080, then take a look at this. Both cards come with their own advantages, showcasing their strengths in different scenarios. The RTX 4080 boasts the newer ADA Lovelace architecture, while the RTX 3090’s Ampere architecture remains a solid contender without feeling outdated.

In terms of gaming performance, the RTX 4080 slightly outperforms the RTX 3090 in all scenarios. However, upon closer inspection, the performance difference between the two isn’t significantly staggering. If you seek an upgrade, it’s worth considering that the RTX 3090 remains fully capable of handling any game you throw at it.

Best CPU For The RTX 3090: Intel Core i9 13900K

Intel Core i9-13900K





Base speed

P-cores 3 GHz / E-cores 2.2 GHz

Boost speed

P-cores 5.8 GHz / E-cores 4.3 GHz




125 W / 253 W boost.

  • Exceptional value for high-performance capabilities.
  • Perfect choice for overclocking enthusiasts.
  • Supports both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.
  • Requires a solid cooling solution.
  • Comes with a higher TDP.

Unleash the power of Raptor Lake with the Intel Core i9 13900K, our top CPU recommendation for the RTX 3090. While it requires a higher investment and a motherboard upgrade, the unmatched performance it provides makes it worth every penny. Featuring an impressive 24 cores and 32 threads, with base and boost clocks reaching 3.0 GHz and 5.8 GHz, respectively, along with a massive cache, the i9 13900K ensures unparalleled processing power.

Best AMD CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X


3.4GHz/ 4.9GHz

Core (Threads)






  • Decent Productivity Performance
  • Low TDP
  • Great Overclocking

While a bit older, the 5950X packs some power that can ensure the 3090 can blaze through the most intensive games. With the 5950X, you get a boost clock of 3.4 GHz that turbos up to 4.9 GHz. The best part is that you get an unlocked multiplier to get some decent overclocking done. You get a decent chunk of 64 MB of L3 cache and a low TDP of 105 watts to make things even sweeter. Overall, the 5950X packs some intense power, and worthwhile power efficiency, all at an alluring price point.

Best Budget AMD Gaming CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X 3D

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D





Max boost speed


L3 Cache

96MB (64MB 3D V-cache)



  • Offers the best budget-friendly gaming performance.
  • Competitively priced for outstanding capabilities.
  • Boasts low power consumption for energy efficiency.
  • Overclocking capabilities are limited.
  • May not be the most ideal choice for productivity-heavy tasks.

For an ultimate gaming experience with your RTX 3090, consider the Ryzen 7 5800X 3D. Crafted with gamers in mind, this CPU introduces innovative 3D V-Cache technology, elevating performance in demanding applications and gaming scenarios. Its generous cache ensures swift access to GPU data, delivering a buttery smooth gaming experience.

In Summary

That pretty much wraps up our top CPU picks for the RTX 3090. While the RTX 3090 is a previous-generation card, it’s still pretty competent. It provides a solid frame-rate with max settings at 1440p in any game you throw at it. Just make sure to invest in a decent CPU while you’re at it!

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