Incredible savings on the AMD Ryzen 5 CPU

Save 40% on AMD Ryzen 5 4500 with Wraith Stealth Cooler- Amazon CPU Discounts

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Although it’s a bit older now, the Ryzen 5 4500 is a Zen 2 architecture AMD chip that is still of value to gamers building budget PCs and those seeking an upgrade with older AMD architecture. The chip launched in 2019 and can still pair well with many GPUs and modern components that play AAA titles. 

Save 40% NOW!

AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500 6-Core

12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler

At the time of publication, the AMD Ryzen 5 4500 with Wraith Stealth Cooler is on sale for $77.99, an incredible 40% off its price of $129.00. This savings of $52 comes from Amazon and some other discounts on CPUs for early September.

What makes this CPU deal so great?

This processor may not have the impressive 16-core design of modern Ryzen 9 CPUS, but it does offer budget power where it counts and the ability to overclock. Its max boost tops out at 4.1 Ghz, but it is unlikely to act as a bottleneck to many modern GPUs pushing to 1080P graphics. 

Tools like the Ryzen 5 4500 are excellent for building a budget PC as they leave more in your budget open for a powerful GPU and a fast hard drive that can improve your loading times. Upgrading to Zen 3 with a Ryzen 9 5900X will show you a noticeable difference in your build, but you will spend over four times the price on just your CPU.

This CPU may use outdated architecture, but it’s an excellent pickup for those running older AMD chips that could use a cheap upgrade. These are also an excellent pick-up for an ultra-budget mini PC or sleeper PC with a decent graphics card that just needs a modern CPU to pair with. 

What’s included in this CPU:

  • Stealth cooler: Includes the Wraith Stealth cooler for targeted cooling with your build. 
  • Compatibility: Although this has Zen 2 architecture, it can be paired with modern motherboards and GPUs.
  • Low power requirements: A TDP rating of 65 watts makes this an easy inclusion for mini builds or budget gaming with a low-powered PSU.
  • Precision manufacturing: Uses the 7 NM process to improve the quality of the chip. AMD introduced this in 2018 and offers a significant improvement if you are upgrading.
  • Budget-friendly: Found on sale for under $100, this can be a considerable cost savings to a build or a cheap upgrade.

Is this CPU deal right for you?

Save 40% NOW!

AMD Ryzen™ 5 4500 6-Core

12-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor with Wraith Stealth Cooler

Consider this when starting a low-cost build or running a pre-Ryzen AMD chip. If you are building your first gaming PC, having a chip for your build that is less than $100 and incredibly efficient can make the whole process easier and more reasonable. Check out this deal if you already have a great GPU for your build and need a cheap and modern AMD processor to pair with it. 

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