These powerful LG TONE noise cancelling earbuds are almost half the price of Apple AirPods Pro

Pick up a pair of AirPod Pro competitors for almost half the price

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It’s no secret that Apple AirPods are expensive which is why the LG TONE noise cancelling earbuds are a brilliant alternative for almost half the price. With battery that exceeds AirPods Pro by some margin and sound quality to match, the LG TONE noise cancelling headphones are a brilliant alternative for those looking to switch things up or get into wireless earbuds for the first time.

Save 45% Now!

LG Tone Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Free True Wireless Bluetooth FP9 – Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds with UVnano Charging Case, Black

At the time of writing, the LG TONE noise cancelling earbuds are on sale for $109, an astounding 45% drop in cost from its original $199 price tag. This discount comes before the upcoming Apple Event where AirPods are sure to feature, so if you find yourself unimpressed with the showing these could be an excellent alternative.

Why the LG TONE noise cancelling earbuds are worth picking up

  • Built-in Equalizers: Equalizers built into the software of the headphones balances the crisp treble while boosting the bass. This gives headphone quality audio in the compact size of an earbud.
  • 24 hours of charge: The LG TONE earbuds are able to contain a massive 24 hours of charge. Compare to the Apple AirPods which rarely get over 12 hours, this is a big upgrade. This makes the LG TONEs ideal for travel where access to charging stations might be limited.
  • Non-Bluetooth Connection: By plugging the LG TONE case into a device like an in-flight entertainment system, you can connect to the case itself. That means that you can enjoy the entertainment with the noise cancelling in-tact on planes and on treadmills.
  • A sleek and subtle fit: The unobtrusive form factor means that the LG TONE’s don’t draw attention to themselves. Combined with silicone gel pads that fit naturally to all ears, the earbuds are stylish, functional, and keep a low profile.
  • UVNano: The case has built in UVNano lights that kills 99.9% of bacteria within five minutes while they charge. This keeps your ears and earbuds clean during periods of heavy usage.

Are the LG TONE noise cancelling earbuds better than AirPods?

The LG TONE noise cancelling headphones might be a hard sell against the Apple AirPods Pro at full price. However, with a steep 45% discount they more than match up and are a brilliant entryway to wireless earbuds for those new to the tech, or those seeking an upgrade.

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