Don’t overspend on a PSU – you can save 11% on Corsair’s RM1000X now

Save 11% on the Corsair RM1000x Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

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To keep your PC components running smoothly and efficiently, a good power supply is very important. Corsair is one of the leading brands in PSUs, offering high-quality products with reliable performance and long warranties. Today we have a great deal for you on one of Corsair’s PSU: the RM1000x model. Currently, at the time of writing, you can grab this fully modular 80 Plus Gold-certified power supply for just $169.99. This is a generous $20 reduction from the original price of $189.99.

Let’s reveal its features and understand how it can power up your system.

  • 80 Plus Gold certified: This means that the power supply achieves a high level of efficiency of at least 87% at various load levels, which lowers heat output and power usage.
  • Magnetic Levitation Fan: This is a 135mm fan that uses a magnetic bearing and custom rotors to deliver high performance, low noise, and long durability. The fan also has a zero RPM mode that shuts off the fan at low and medium loads for quiet operation.
  • Fully modular: This means that the power supply has no attached cables, and you can plug in only the ones you require for your system. This minimizes cable mess and improves airflow in your case. The power supply also comes with multiple EPS12V connectors for compatibility with high-end motherboards and a 12-pin GPU power cable for the latest graphics cards.
  • ATX v2.52 compliant: This means that the power supply supports the newest ATX specification, which includes features such as high efficiency under super-light loads (over 70% with 2% load) and Microsoft’s Modern Standby mode, which allows for quick wake-from-sleep times.
  • 105 degree C-rated Japanese electrolytic capacitors: These are premium internal components that ensure stable power delivery and long-term reliability. They also have excellent ripple suppression, load regulation, and power delivery.
  • 10-year warranty: This is a long warranty period that shows Corsair’s trust in its product quality and customer support.

Save 11% on the Corsair RM1000x Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

What we think about this Corsair RM1000X PSU deal

If you are looking for a high-quality power supply that can power up a demanding PC with multiple components, this deal is a good opportunity. The Corsair RM1000x is one of the best Gold PSUs in its wattage category, delivering high performance, low noise, and high efficiency. It also has a 10-year warranty and a reasonable price. You can get $20 off the original price of $189.99, which is a 11% discount.

The Corsair RM1000x can handle multiple graphics cards, high-end motherboards, and other power-intensive components with its single 12V rail and multiple connectors. It also has a fully modular design that lets you plug in only the cables you require, minimizing cable mess and enhancing airflow in your case. This deal is perfect for anyone who wants to create or upgrade their PC with a dependable and efficient power supply.

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