Save $175 on this Intel Core i7-11700K CPU deal at Amazon

Big savings on one of Intels older i7 processors

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If you have been hunting for the best bang for the buck processor, then you can stop your search because we have come across a tempting Amazon deal. At the moment, the Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor is $175 off at Amazon. That’s an enticing 38% discount, which brings the price of this gaming processor to just $285.

Continue reading to learn more about what you get from this deal and why it is totally worth the money.

  • High performance: First up, the processor comes with 8 cores that have a maximum boost speed of 5.0GHz. The result? You get exceptional performance in all CPU-oriented tasks.
  • Hyper-threading: To offer the best multitasking capabilities, each of these 8 cores has 2 threads. Therefore, the total 16 threads allow the i7-11700K to support Hyper-Threading, which basically means much better multitasking.
  • Good efficiency: Despite such performance, the processor’s TDP is only 125W, making it relatively easier to cool than today’s power-hungry CPUs.
  • Can be overclocked: The ‘K’ prefix indicates that this chip is unlocked for overclocking. You can feed it more power to push it to its extreme and get even higher clock speeds.
  • Comes with an iGPU: There is also Intel UHHD Graphics 750 iGPU. Therefore, you can troubleshoot your PC even when you don’t have a dedicated graphics card.
  • DDR4 RAM supported: The DDR4-only support is a very good thing because DDR4 RAMs are getting cheaper and cheaper. As such, your overall build cost will be reduced.

Intel Core i7-11700K Desktop Processor is $175 off at Amazon

What we think

All in all, the Core i7-11700K for just $285 is a great deal, as the processor’s price-to-performance ratio is simply too good to miss out on. You get excellent performance, good power efficiency, and the lowered platform cost will go easy on your pocket too.

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