Save $250 on Empowered PC Stratos Micro Gaming Desktop – Early Prime Day deals

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If you want to save money while building the ultimate gaming PC, check out this early Prime Day deal on one of the latest and most-advanced gaming desktops.

At the time of writing, the Empowered PC Stratos Micro Gaming Desktop is $250 off at Amazon, bringing its price down to $2,649.99 from its original price of $2,899.99. That’s a considerable 9% discount for one of the best gaming PCs in the world.

Let’s explore what you can get for the new reduced price and why we think it’s an excellent opportunity to acquire a gaming machine with all the characteristics any gamer or avid computer user would be proud of.

  • Most-advanced processor: This gaming PC is powered by an Intel 24-Core i9 processor for an excellent gaming experience and can easily handle 4K games.
  • Cutting-edge graphics: With AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24GB graphics card, you can play modern AAA titles or edit heavy content in 4K resolution and beyond. 
  • Massive storage: Enjoy faster performance when booting up or launching heavy applications thanks to the 1TB NVMe SSD. With the 3TB HDD, you’ll always have enough room for your data, games, photos, videos, and other files.
  • Excellent RAM: The 32GB of DDR5 RAM with 5600MHz delivers faster loading times and quicker transfer speeds.
  • Latest operating system: Comes with a pre-installed Windows 11 Home 64-bit, a user-friendly interface for managing all your games, programs, data, and files.
  • Superior cooling technology: Delivers a liquid cooling technology with 6 high-airflow RGB fans and Pressure PWM Addressable (600-1800 rpm).

Is the Empowered PC Stratos Micro Gaming Desktop worth it?

The Empowered PC Stratos Micro Gaming Desktop is the most recent edition, which explains why it costs over $2,500. But if you act fast, you can get a $250 discount for one of the world’s class gaming PCs with Intel 24-Core i9 Processor and AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics. The 1TB NVMe SSD plus 3TB HDD storage space ensures the best performance and sufficient capacity.

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