Save $60 on this Intel Core i9-13900K CPU deal at Amazon

Intel’s flagship processor has received a discount over at Amazon, saving you money on your next gaming PC

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Calling all hard-core gamers! If you have been planning to build the ultimate Intel PC, then we have just the Amazon deal for you. Right now, the Intel Core i9-13900K (Latest Gen) Gaming Desktop Processor is $60 off at Amazon. That’s a solid 10% discount on the world’s fastest gaming processor, bringing its price to just $570.

Keep reading to learn more about what you get for this reduced price and why it is the best time to upgrade your gaming setup.

  • Unrivaled core count: Packing 24 cores (8-P, 16-E), the sheer number of cores of the Core i9-13900K is unmatched. Plus, its 32 threads only take things one step further.
  • Outstanding clock speeds: With a max turbo frequency of 5.80GHz, the i9-13900K clocks at higher speeds than any other stock processor, giving it excellent performance in both single- and multi-core tasks.
  • Can be overclocked: Being a K series CPU, the i9-13900K can also be overclocked for even more performance. Although, there is no point in overclocking this processor because it is already very difficult to cool down.
  • Integrated graphics: The i9-13900K comes with the Intel UHD Graphics 720 iGPU, which makes it a very easy processor to troubleshoot without using a dedicated graphics card.
  • Support for both DDR4 and DDR5: Just like the last-gen i9-12900K, the i9-13900K is also backward compatible with DDR4, along with DDR5. This gives you a plethora of RAM options to choose from.
  • LGA1700 socket: Since the i9-13900K uses the LGA1700 socket, it can be used with both Intel 600- and 700-series chipset motherboards. As such, if you have an old Z690 motherboard, you don’t have to change it for your new CPU.

Intel Core i9-13900K (Latest Gen) Gaming Desktop Processor is $60 off at Amazon

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Whether you’re a professional content creator or a hardcore gamer, if you want the ultimate top-tier gaming PC, then you have to go for the i9-13900K. With this $60 discount, the flagship CPU has become an even better deal than before, offering unparalleled performance for just $570.

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