Save $600 on the LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor Amazon Gaming Week Deals

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Gamers be aware! If you’re in search of a new gaming monitor, we’ve spotted a brilliant deal on the LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor. In this article, we present an incredible deal as part of the Amazon Gaming Week event, allowing you to save a whopping $600 on this top-of-the-line gaming monitor, bringing you unrivaled visuals and exceptional performance.

Why buy the LG 48″ UHD OLED?

The LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor offers a stunning display with its UHD OLED technology, providing vibrant colors, deep blacks, and incredible contrast. With a 48-inch screen size, you’ll enjoy a wide field of view, making games come to life with exceptional detail. The monitor also features a high refresh rate and low response time, ensuring smooth and responsive gameplay, with reduced motion blur and input lag. Its HDR capabilities further enhance the visual experience, offering bright highlights and accurate color reproduction.

Save $600 on the LG 48″ UHD OLED

LG 48GQ900 OLED gaming monitor



Screen Technology



4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p

Refresh rate


Panel type


HDMI standard

HDMI 2.1

As part of the Amazon Gaming Week event, you can save an astounding $600 on the purchase of the LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor. This limited-time deal presents an incredible opportunity to bring home this premium gaming monitor at a significantly reduced price, providing you with an immersive gaming experience like no other. With substantial savings, you can invest in other gaming accessories or expand your gaming library, using those $600 for something else during Gaming Week.

Amazon Gaming Week Deals

To seize this exclusive deal and save $600 on the LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor, head over to Amazon during the Gaming Week event. Visit the monitor section and search for the LG 48″ UHD OLED model. Ensure that you select the deal labeled as part of the Gaming Week promotion to secure the discount at checkout. Hurry, as you only have until the 28th of May before Gaming Week is over.

Final Word

The LG 48″ UHD OLED Gaming Monitor offers immersive visuals and exceptional gaming performance. With the current Amazon Gaming Week deal allowing you to save $600, it’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Elevate your gaming setup with this premium monitor while enjoying substantial savings.

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