SHOWKINGS RX 580 Graphics Card receives tasty price cut in Amazon GPU deal

Save big on a solid GPU today!

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Seasonal sales are the best time for gamers, editors, PC users, and 3D animators to loot this SHOWKINGS Radeon RX 580 Graphic card for a higher discount of 36%.

It’s an ideal graphics card for 1080p gaming, and you can get it for just $95.38. It was previously listed for $149.98, so you’re saving $54.98 in the process. If budget is a concern for you, the RX 580 will serve you fine while playing modern games.

What makes this a great GPU?

SHOWKINGS Radeon RX 580 8GB Graphics Card

Memory Capacity


Memory Type



PCI Express 3.0

Chip Frequency


 Have a look at the reasons why we think it can be a suitable fit for your PC:

  • 8GB of GDDR5 memory: The 8GB VRAM ensures you have plenty of memory to run modern games at 1080p on medium/high settings.
  • 256-bit memory bus: This allows the RX 580 to access its memory more quickly, enhancing performance in several games.
  • Support for up to 4K resolution: This allows the RX 580 to output high-quality images on a 4K display.
  • Dual-fan cooling: The dual-fan design paired with copper pipes in the heatsink allow the card to run cool under load.
  • Multiple ports: You get 3x DisplayPort and an HDMI port to connect and run multiple displays simultaneously.
  • Support for DirectX 12: The RX 580 is fully compatible with DirectX 12, so you’ll have no problem running modern games on Windows 11.

Is this SHOWKINGS RX 580 graphics card deal worth it?

Although the RX 580 is old now, it’s plenty of power to run modern games at respectable settings. If budget is a concern and you want the best bang for the buck, look no further than this SHOWKINGS variant. Although it can run 4K displays, don’t expect to play modern games at that resolution. It’s a 1080p graphics card through and through.

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