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by einsteingodel
Sun May 06, 2007 4:28 pm
Forum: Deals, Vendors and Classifieds
Topic: Building new system - Newegg, Jab-tech and reviews..
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Building new system - Newegg, Jab-tech and reviews..

I’m building a new silent system from scratch this week, and placed a total of 4 orders from three different vendors. Here is my personal experience from the vendors I used, posting this shall it prove useful to others contemplating these companies. In terms of speed, communication, and overall se...
by einsteingodel
Sat May 05, 2007 8:46 am
Forum: SPCR Article Discussion
Topic: A New Way of Testing Fan Airflow
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Respectfully, I think you may be missing a point as well... What this tells us is that for this combination of CPU, load, and heatsink, the airflow of an 1100 RPM 120mm fan matches the rate of thermal conduction from CPU to heatsink fins. This is why increasing the airflow does not decrease the CPU...
by einsteingodel
Thu Oct 12, 2006 3:38 am
Forum: System Advice / Troubleshooting
Topic: Quiet budget PC
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Hello You can build one killer, almost silent system based around an E6300 for dirt-cheap. And I am talking about quality components, too... Seasonic PS, Samsung HD, Nexus fans, Sony DVD-RW, Antec case, etc.. And if you chose to go with onboard graphics, you could build such a system in the US for j...
by einsteingodel
Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:08 pm
Forum: Fans and Control
Topic: How do I measure CFM of a fan?
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You need a device called an anemometer. There are many varieties, but for our purposes, the simple type designed to measure a single component of the air flow vector is called for. These run from about US $100 to ten times as much and more. Unless you have a constant need to measure airflow sources,...
by einsteingodel
Mon Oct 02, 2006 3:48 pm
Forum: SPCR Article Discussion
Topic: Chris Thomson's 3rd DIY OC'd rig -- a Core 2 Duo this time
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Wow Fantastic build. Humorous to me, for it was just a couple of days ago I first read your articles documenting your prior build - and all I could think of was along the lines of: ‘poor guy, does such a meticulous job to tame that toaster oven and now Conroe comes along. Wonder how he feels’. Y...
by einsteingodel
Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:45 pm
Forum: Power Supplies
Topic: Looking for a new quieter PSU
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What's 80 Plus? In essense, an efficient power supply which has been certified as such. "The 80 PLUS® performance specification requires power supplies in computers and servers to be 80% or greater energy efficient at 20%, 50% and 100% of rated load with a true power factor of 0.9 or greater." htt...
by einsteingodel
Mon Sep 25, 2006 12:03 am
Forum: General Gallery
Topic: Quiet Gaming Rig - My first quiet PC
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Congrats on your new system! I'm glad to hear about your temps and that you find your system inaudible from 3ft away, specially considering that beast of a graphics card you bought. If not for your graphics card and PS choice, your build is a carbon copy of the system I'm contemplating on building. ...
by einsteingodel
Thu Sep 21, 2006 5:43 pm
Forum: SPCR Article Discussion
Topic: What is a "Silent" Computer?
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Thank you for this article. It should be recommended to all whom have not a clue what constitutes a 'silent' computer. I have a friend whom just assembled a washing machine based around a Pentium D 960 presler and dual 7900GTs powered by an Enermax 660W ps.. all with stock cooling, wrapped inside an...