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by talz13
Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:21 am
Forum: Cases and Damping
Topic: Sonata, is there any better case for the money?
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i have been debating the same thing for the last couple days. I was looking at the fong kai, but then i'd want to get a quiet PSU to go with it. either that or the sonata and possibly do a fan swap on the PSU if i'm feeling adventurous. the problem for me, is that the fong kai + PSU would cost much ...
by talz13
Sun May 30, 2004 4:03 pm
Forum: Power Supplies
Topic: Anyone have experience w/ a PC Power & Cooling Silencer
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i have the 400w model, been running it since.... hmmm, when did i get it? i think i got it for either my k6-2 450 or my duron 700. that's how long i've had it. last year or the year before, it failed, so i merely called them up, sent the psu in and they promptly replaced it. i think it was more of a...
by talz13
Sun Apr 04, 2004 9:56 am
Forum: Power Supplies
Topic: best psu for under $75
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best psu for under $75

I was looking at the fortron 300 or 350w (forget which one), and then i saw the post that said the superflower 550w was good, but it's considerably more than the fortron (about $79-99 where i found it). i'd really like to find a nice quiet psu (that i wouldn't have to mod just for the specific reaso...
by talz13
Sun Mar 14, 2004 7:49 pm
Forum: Fans and Control
Topic: nmb 80mm?
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nmb 80mm?

is this fan really really quiet? i saw a thread talking about two different nmb models, one that was louder than a panaflo and one that is quieter (b19 i think?). anybody know which this one is, and if it's a good price? (or if there are any other fans that can be had for cheaper if they are quiet t...
by talz13
Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:33 am
Forum: CPU Cooling
Topic: passive on 1600+ or mobile 2400+ on k7s5a pro?
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passive on 1600+ or mobile 2400+ on k7s5a pro?

is there a good hs, or watercooling that can be run passively on any of those components? (sorry for the short post, i'm on my way down for lunch!)