Need help.. on-board sound audio-out port stopped working

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Need help.. on-board sound audio-out port stopped working

Post by ecsdude » Fri Apr 23, 2004 5:52 pm

Guys, I don't want to have to buy another motherboard, so I'm hoping I didn't zap it and damage the audio-out port on the mobo while moving it into my new case. When I powered up, I noticed there was no sound coming out of my speakers... i checked windows xp and it said the audio drivers are working properly... i tried reinstalling the drivers just in case and still no sound... i tried unplugging the connector from the audio-out port and checked my speakers and sub to make sure they were powered on... still no sound... i checked the windows volume settings... none of the mute boxes are checked and none of the volume levers are at 0.

so I thought maybe I shorted something out when i installed the mobo into the new case... so i unmounted the motherboard and put it back into my old case and still no sound...

my last alternative is to try reinstalling XP and hoping that will work... that somehow the drivers aren't working properly even though xp says they are... i doubt this will work though...

by the way.. the on-board mic-in port DOES work.. i plugged in my microphone and talked into it and the windows sound recorder picked up the sounds as confirmed by the spike in the activity monitor graph in that program.

so i was wondering if there's some sort of util to test my on-board audio-out port to see if it's dead or not?
anyone have any other suggestions?

i'm all for quiet PCs, but this ain't exactly what I had in mind :roll:

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Post by Rusty075 » Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:51 pm

Did you move any jumpers while transferring it?

Or end up with any "extra" jumpers that you're not sure where they came from? :wink:

Using your manual for a reference, double check the position of all the jumpers. Some boards have to have jumpers across the pin-outs for the front audio if there's nothing connected to them.

What mobo/CPU is it, anyway?

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Post by ecsdude » Fri Apr 23, 2004 6:58 pm

Nope, I didn't have to touch any jumpers whatsoever... i simply moved the mobo from old case to new case and hooked up all the stuff onto it again. I also tried clearing CMOS to see if that'd help but it made no difference..

the motherboard is a shuttle an35n-ultra

and i just ran two different tests bypassing the onboard audio-out and I got sound... the first test I did was using my wintv 350 audio-out connectors and i ran it to my speakers input#2 jack and got sound... second test I did was I used my USB headset which has it's own sound system, i plugged my speakers into the headphone jack for it and got sound...

and as indicated in my initial post, I plugged my mic into the mobos on-board mic-in port and it works fine... so apparently only the audio-out jack onboard the mobo isn't working for some reason... i tried plugging and unplugging the speaker connector and turning it a bit to see if that'd help, but got no results...

not sure what else to try except as a last effort i might try installing xp on a fresh partition and seeing if i get sound back...

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Post by al bundy » Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:30 pm

You probably already checked this, but make sure that in Sounds and MultiMedia -> Audio -> Sound Playback, that the correct sound source is selected as the Preferred Device...


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