Do you have a quiet, stable P4/533Mhz FSB?

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Do you have a quiet, stable P4/533Mhz FSB?

Post by MortySnerd » Wed Jun 04, 2003 11:18 am

I'd be interested to hear about systems using a P4 and a 533Mhz FSB that are both stable and cool, even under full load. Right now I'm debating between a Northwood A 1.8Ghz/400Mhz and a Northwood B 2.26Ghz/533Mhz CPU. I want a quiet computer, it doesn't have to be dead silent but I should barely be able to hear anything.

If you have a non-overclocked/undervolted/etc system like this, please let me know what parts you are using. Thanks!

Katana Man
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Post by Katana Man » Wed Jun 04, 2003 11:24 am

My system is all of the above. See my signature.

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Post by Vector » Wed Jun 04, 2003 12:20 pm

Mine is very similar to Katana Man's, but my achilles heel is my cheap psu, which I'll be replacing soon enough. My case temps are 32 degrees, and my cpu temp is 35 degrees. Only noise comes from the psu.

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Post by Mr_Smartepants » Wed Jun 04, 2003 12:44 pm

I've got my Northwood 2.4B chip overclocked to 2.7Ghz. Idle and load temps were the same either stock or overclocked so I'm running at the higher speed. Core voltage is set to 1.5V (stock). Load temps were lowered after I installed my Alpha HSF and are now: Idle;120F, 100% load;138F.
I hear the 2.4C chips hit 3.0 GHz with stock cooling and volts. I can't wait to get a 865PE MB to try it out on.

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Post by Will35 » Wed Jun 04, 2003 1:14 pm


I've been very happy with my current setup. I have made a couple of revisions since this post. The first was moving the 120mm fan from the intake/HD cage to the rear as an exhaust and the second has been the modification of the drive tray that contains the 'cuda V. The fan in the tray is a 60x15 Panaflo running @ 8v.

At this moment... it's hotter than hell here... the CPU temp is 50c, MB monitors both report 40c and the HD is 39c. The exhaust from the PSU is 34c. This is with the temp in the house at 25c. These temps are @ 100% load, it's been folding for a week or so without a reboot. :)

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Post by rally » Wed Jun 04, 2003 4:53 pm

I have a fujitsu siemens P4 3.06ghz, under normal conditions the coolermaster HSF that came with it sounds like a turbine engine:(

Ralf Hutter
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Post by Ralf Hutter » Thu Jun 05, 2003 4:02 am

Look at the P4 rig in my sig. I'm using an L1A on an Alpha 8942 and getting max Prime95 load temps in the low 50°C range, and it's a 2.66 OCed to 3.0Ghz. That's a good start towards a quiet system and the rest depends on your choice of other hardware and your case/fan configuration.

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Post by CRT_Leech » Thu Jun 05, 2003 1:18 pm

GlobalWIN YCC-61F1-B (for 120mm fans, front and back),
Antec TruePower 550 Watt power supply,
Asus P4G8X Deluxe mainboard,
P4 2.66GHz 533MHz bus processor @ 2.66GHz,
SLK900U with a 92mm Panaflo L1A (Artic Silver 2),
2x Panaflo 120mm L1A's for the case,
Maxtor Diamond Max 9 80GB ATA133 (Fluid Dynamic Bearings),
A Serial ATA to PATA adapter for the above hard drive,
2x512MB sticks of Corsair TWINX CAS 2-2-2-5-T1 rated matched memory,
Audigy 2 Platinum sound card (Black faceplate and buttons),
ATI AIW 9700 Raedeon Pro 128MB video card,
Toshiba 16x DVD-ROM (Black),
Sony 3.5" FDD (Black)

With case temps around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (room temps in the mid to upper 70's), under a heavy load from heavy 3D game use, the hottest I've seen the CPU temps were 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It's fairly quiet, also, with the loudest thing being the fan on the video card.

Good luck,

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Post by Colli1 » Fri Jun 06, 2003 1:32 am

I have a Pentium 4 3GHz
2 WD HD 40GB (Raid 0)
Geforce 4 Ti 4200

And to shut this noisy computer Up I used this:

1) Q technology , Papst series 350W PSU (very very quiet :wink: )

2) Chieftec case with noise reduction pads


3) Zalman passive chipset cooler (see above)

4) Zalman Heatpipe for Geforce 4


5) Verax pentium 4 cooler > 2.8 Ghz (its quiet, but i still hear it, unlike the PSU)


6) My harddrives are in this shell that absorbes the sound (Silentdrive)



7) And at last I have mounted two 80mm papst casefans for better cooling because everything was just to hot after these mods. The fans are controled with an fancontroller


Now is everything quiet :lol:

And has sufficient cooling

Processor always stays below 58°C
Case temp below 45°C

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Post by FrankT » Sun Jun 08, 2003 1:42 am

I have a P2.4B running at a FSB of 100 MHz, making it a P1.8.
Max temps under load are about 10 celcius above ambient, using a Zalman 6500A AlCu with the fan controller on minimum. Oh yes, i'm undervolting to 1.1 V, from the stock 1.525 which probably makes a great difference to the final temps.

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