Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler

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Re: Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler

Post by VERiON » Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:16 am

GT240 DDR5 holds it's value... if you are building hackintosh (no games) - because it works natively out-of-the-box with HDMI sound. And it's a great (cheap) card to pair with cheap CPU like G3220 - since it's integrated GPU does not work in OS X. This is the combo that handles single task work as good as i5. And you would have been surprised how many "professional" grade graphic software utilises single (or 2 at most) cores for the most of the tasks.

Plus... I've bought S2 for $10 ( I couldn't pass the opportunity :D ) and have no better use for it.

I was thinking about buying the cheapest no-name GTX750 and switch the heatsink for this S2. But the cheapest 750 I can find it still $80 - and why bother if there is no real difference between 240 and 750 in everyday use (no 3D).

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Re: Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler

Post by Olle P » Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:18 am

VERiON wrote:... I was wondering if S2 would fit without the card in my hand...
The mounting holes will fit, no doubt. The S2 doesn't even have any fixed holes, but mounting "arms" for the screws Edit: This is wrong! I was thinking about a chipset cooler I had way back... that will fit just about any configuration.

The possible issues are:
1. The GPU being placed too close towards the motherboard or rear to give sufficient clearance. (Might be a problem if it's a physically small card.)
2. Graphics ports intruding in space required by the cooler. (Might be a problem if it requires two slots.)

My guess is that none of this apply, but you really need at least a picture of the actual graphics card to exclude nr 2 and the actual card or its schematics to exclude nr 1.
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Re: Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler

Post by VERiON » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:37 am

S2 does have fixed holes - mine looks the same as the one reviewed by SPCR.
I've just measured - mounting holes pitch is: 38mm, 43mm, and 48mm

Plus my GT240 (ASUS DDR5) has larger mounting holes pitch - 53mm. So I can't use S2.
But it really doesn't mater because it wouldn't fit in case anyway - total height (card with mounting S2) is 155mm - and my case allows only for 150mm height cards.
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Re: Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 VGA Cooler

Post by edh » Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:02 am

Maybe find an old CPU heatsink, drill a few holes and screw it on? I've done this a number of times with Athlon XP, Pentium 4 era heatsinks which have nice flat bases and also just for a laugh I have put a 120mm nameless tower heatsink on a Geforce FX5950 Ultra. It's worth trying if you have the parts kicking round...
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