Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06: Gaming mini-ITX cases?

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Sugo SG05 with Radeon HD 4890

Post by osl » Mon Aug 31, 2009 5:19 am


I put a Radeon HD 4890 in my Sugo SG05 (and 520w PSU)
Here are my PC specs:

Silverstone Sugo SG05
Sapphire Vapor-X HD 4890 GPU (9.5â€

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tower cooler suggestion

Post by b3nbranch » Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:21 pm

As usual, a few silent diehards may consider replacing the provided PSU with a silent picoPSU and an external AC/DC power brick. This not only eliminates the noise of the power supply fan, it also frees up the space above the CPU so that one of the huge tower heatsinks could be used (as long as it fits on the motherboard of your choice). Such a heatsink could be fitted with a slow, quiet 120mm to blow in almost any direction, as there are vents on three sides around the motherboard, now that the opening for the PSU exhaust is free. A left to right alignment might be best, assuming the PCI (or PCIe) slot is not filled.
How much space is available for a tower heatsink? Many "huge" towers are 150mm to 160mm tall, and it doesn't look like that would fit in the SG05 case, even with the PSU and 3.5 drive bay removed. Maybe one of the towers intended for a 92mm fan? They're more like 130mm - 135mm.

I was thinking in a minimal system (pico or equivalent, SSD, IGP) you might dispense with the front 120mm fan, and attach a 120-140mm fan to the interior of the case, on the PCIe slot side, to blow directly at the GPU and heatsink. That way you get positive pressure and some cooling flow (for sure, not as much as a heatsink-attached fan) with just one fan. Ought to be more effective than just the front fan, esp. for the IGP. Block most of the ventilating holes on that side (except for the fan!) to avoid sucking hot air back in. Snip out the vent grid behind the fan and put a filter over it.
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Post by breunor » Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:53 am

I have an Arctic Accelero S1 on my 4850 with a case fan blowing over it, using an air channel to force the air out the back slots. With proper positioning I'm thinking you could create an air tunnel in these cases that would include that VGA cooler and a tower heatsink on the cpu, and feed it with a single 120mm fan.

The Aerocase Condor could also work well if there's enough clearance, having it angled at 90 degrees and sitting above a lower profile cpu heatsink so that you could blow air across both and out the back, with an external power brick.

I think a key to making these smaller machines, designed to usually sit closer to the user and thus their ears, shine is taking the Bluefront approach to making the most use out of the fewest noise sources, er, fans possible.

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Post by Gundy » Fri Sep 18, 2009 6:49 am

breunor wrote:I have an Arctic Accelero S1 on my 4850 with a case fan blowing over it, using an air channel to force the air out the back slots. With proper positioning I'm thinking you could create an air tunnel in these cases that would include that VGA cooler and a tower heatsink on the cpu, and feed it with a single 120mm fan.
Have you done this in a SG05 case? Would you mind taking some pictures and share them?


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Post by dukla2000 » Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:21 am

Feature & Brief Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components Our Comment The significance of this is unclear.
I would imagine this is part of the ITX spec - it seems quite a few components are finding their way onto the underside of ITX mobos. Like an SO-DIMM slot on the Jetway NC81: Image

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Slimline SATA adapter fail

Post by Llamas » Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:56 pm

My only real gripe with the build that I just finished is the lack of connectivity for a slimline SATA optical drive. The SG06 comes with an adapter for a slimline IDE drive, but nothing to support the slimline connectors on the LG CT10N SATA Blu-Ray drive I used.

I usually don't mind having to buy adapters if I'm using a new or optional standard, but this case requires a slimline drive, and SATA is not the rare connection on optical drives that it used to be.

Fortunately, I was able to install Windows 7 from a flash drive, so waiting for the adapter (which should get here today) didn't really slow me down, but <grumble>...

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Overheat issue - guidance needed

Post by loopmode » Thu Dec 10, 2009 3:47 pm

leifeinar wrote:I got this case, it needs some work but it got great potentilas if u like to mod.

things ive done:

crappy stock fan is chaged for a 14cm yate-loon 1000rpm

cpu cooler and what i think is the best choice. The AXP-140

the artic cooling S1 fits by a hair :) and airflow lets me run HD4870 passive, temps are ok 70 for gpu and 90 vrm.

ATX psu fits, had an gigabyte 800W in there with no problems. this actually allows u to run any nvidia card, even the gtx 295 vill fit, but u nees to do some Work on the case with a dremmel. all high end Nvidia cards are same lenght (267 mm). but it cant be done with a 14cm fan.

the dvd,hdd rack allso needs a round with the dremel.

all in all it has great potential to be really silent
I'll be contacting lifeinair in PM as well, since we already had contact, but I'd like to generally inform about the issue I ran into
And also I have some questions to the community.

I am running a 2,66GHz Intel dual core CPU in the Sugo 06 with the AXP 140 heatsink recommended by lifeinair.
The rest is quite default: Zotac GeForce 9300ITX WiFi, 4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800, a Samsung 2,5" HDD and Silverstone DVD R.
Since I do not intend to use a PCIe graphics card, I covered about 2/3 of the left vent slots, as recommended.
I do not know the exact model name of the CPU atm, and I'll add it as soon as I have determined it.

Here are some pictures of the system:
(The red line shows how far the transparent plastic reaches out on the case cover)

My issue:
Using the AXP 140, I run into heat problems, and the system shuts down after just some minutes in the BIOS, so currently I am very disappointed...
I did not replace the stock front fan by a 14cm version, as user lifeinair did in his AXP 140 setup.
I had PM contact to him prior to ordering the AXP 140 heatsink, and he confirmed his setup is doing fine, so I trusted the heatsink would do its job just fine for me too.

Let me summarize what happened:

I powered the system on, and while doing some initial BIOS settings, it just turned off on me!
I turned it back on, and held my hand behind the PSU vent slots, and to my satisfaction, the air coming out was quite cool.
However, some ten seconds later, the system powered off again.
I opened up the case to check on the heatsink, and to my disappointment, it was indeed very hot by feeling :(

So, here comes my first question:
Can I take for granted that I mounted the heatsink properly, and also that I used the thermal paste properly, since the heatsink itself is getting very hot?
If I had made a mistake there, and the heatsink wouldn't transport heat away from the CPU, then it wouldn't get much warmer than without the CPU running, right?

Next, I left the system powered off for a while, until the heatsink had cooled down. I powered it on again and hopped into the BIOS to check on the CPU temperature.
To my surprise, it said "N/A" !

Here, a different but neglectable strain of events forks out: I intended to do a BIOS update to maybe fix the unavailable CPU temperature issue, and couldn't localize the PCB version of my model, so I couldn't decide which particular BIOS update to use.
I sent a mail to the Zotac support, asking for my PCB version on one hand (I have PN 288-FA105-001ZT, GF9300 D-E), and asking about the CPU temperature showing "N/A" on the other hand.
I will report when I have response.

Here comes my second question:
Could my CPU be unsupported, or could there be some other CPU-related issue, since the BIOS doesn't display the CPU temperature?
The CPU was running fine in a different setup until now. It used to be a hot system indeed, until I upgraded the stock Intel heatsink/fan with a Scythe Andy Samurai Master. From then on, it was running just perfectly cool in a case with average space and airflow.

Now my final questions:

Would it be wise to seal off all SUGO cover vent slots, to make sure there is a direct and undisturbed airflow all the way from the front intake, over the CPU heatsink, and out through the PSU?

I was thinking that maybe the PSU exhaust is simply blowing out cool air it takes from the vent slots at the top, left and right side of the cover, while the hot air within the heatsink is not really transported away..

Somehow, unless you guys bring new aspects, and unless I buy a different heatsink or maybe a different (less hot) CPU, I don't see any other reasonable attempts to tame the heat problem.. :(

Okay, upgrading the front fan to a 14cm model would be an obvious measure too.
Also, I could (should?) switch to one of the heatsinks used in the test..
Unfortunately, it's even harder to get a GeminII than it was to get the AXP 140..

The system I am making is supposed to be a christmas gift for my mother, who has been using a horrible computer for too long.
Christmas is getting closer, and I need to figure out the most effective and unexpensive solution to get this system up and running with "motherish" stability and reliability, no matter what :)

Thanks for your opinions in advance.
GRR I can still not post links (need at least three posts), so I had to break the urls. Plz simply copy&paste them :)

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Post by loopmode » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:17 pm

I think I will replace the Sugo stock fan at the front of the case with one of the Scythe SY1225SL 12M fans that I have spare. I just saw that SPCR considers the model to be the best of its series.

Further, I will mount a Scythe SY1212SL12L Slip Stream Slim 12cm, 1200RPM ontop of the AXP 140 as soon as I can get it.
It is only 15mm high, so it does fit in there for sure.

The front fan will pull up to 68.54 CFM of fresh air inwards at the front, while the slim fan ontop of the cpu heatsink will push up to 24.03 CFM of the arriving air upwards and away from the heatsink, partially into the pulling PSU fan, partially to the top vent slots and out of the case directly.
I wonder what happens with the rest of the incoming air from the front fan. It's quite a difference in numbers, so I hope it will not cause any turbulences or interferences, but simply positively add to the cooling effect.

No idea how much air that "golf-ball-shaped stock fan" of the sugo transports.

I guess that system won't be too silent anymore then, but well, I'm the silent pc enthusiast, not my mother, and it is gonna be her computer so it should be okay :)


It appears, that additionally there is an incompatibility between the Zotac board with latest BIOS and 2x2GB of Corsair XMS2 RAM that I have.
The topic is discussed for example here: ... msearch__1
I picked the worst combination again lol. Always troublesome choices.

The Corsair Ram (TWIN2X4096-6400C5C G) is not making any troubles so far, I think there are no practical issuas after all.
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Post by Mattee » Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:29 am

Hi guys :)

I'm looking for an advice on a replacement heatsink for the nitrogon NT06-E that is used in the review.

The config i'm planning to do will be very similar:
E6500 (65W)
zotac geforce 9300 mini itx
2GB of RAM
sugo g06 case

The only problem i'm facing is that the nitrogon is so rare here in France, and so expensive when bought in another country (like 50+40€ to ship).
No GeminII (S) can be found here either...

I'm wondering if the Scythe Shuriken Rev.B would be a good choice to replace it (without the fan)? Does it even fit with the geforce9300 heatsink i can't know...
Or the ASUSTeK Triton 75, or Thermalright AXP-140?
These 3 are available at normal price here

I would be using this config to power a win7 + xbmc install so the CPU would heat playing 720p and 1080p material.

What i was also planning to do was cover all the vents (sides + top) to force the airflow from the front to the PSU fan as the PCI-E slot will stay empty. It would also severely prevent dust from entering. A good idea?

Big thanks :wink:

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Post by loopmode » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:18 am

Hey there!

Well, I solved my heat problems out, and now I can actually recommend my combination, as far as modding is alright:

E5200 + AXP 140 Heatsink
Zotac Geforce 9300 ITX WiFi (D-E, PCB01, meaning 2 Sata ports)
4 GB corsair DMX2 (TWIN2X4096-6400C5C G)
Sugo SG06
2x Akasa Apache 120mm fans
Onboard graphics (It's a "your mum's PC", no gaming intended)

Unfortunately, I can not post pictures because I have no digital camera until 28th (it's on vacation with housemates).

I removed the cover of the PSU, thus removing the fan from the PSU and now using it "naked". Had to cut off the fan wire with scissors, since it was hot-glued on the PSU board. So the PSU now has only the back and side plates from metal, the lower side is open, the top side has the PSU board naked, with the transparent plastic sheet to protect it a bit from parts potentially falling in through the top vent holes.
I then had to bend the left wall of the PSU a bit outward, so that it would fit the Akasa 12cm fan ontop of the AXP 140 heatsink.
Front fan was also replaced by the Akasa fan - they produce a lot of airflow with not producing too much noise.

Temps in normal scenario (surfing web, lots of tabs, email program etc) are:
39° Core 0
34° Core 1
49° MCP (everest calls it MCP, dunno whats meant)
44° GPU

so, the IGP is around 45-50°, and CPU around 35°-40°, which is a fair deal. Also, in two hours of Prime95 stresstesting, CPU never went to 50° (speedfan would have sent me an email).

I still have no idea about the airflow and covering side and top vents, but I will definitely try it out soon.

So, I can recommend the AXP 140 after all, but not for passive (semi-passive) use.
Without doing any modding, you could use it with a slim 12cm like the Yate Loon D12SL-12C or the Scythe Slip Stream 120mm.

However, I guess that you intend to use the heatsink passively because you want silence while watching movies? Otherwise, you could surely also put a fan to the Silverstone as well.
If you get some 12V to 7V adaptor for the front fan, I think it will be totally okay, if you were using the two Akasa fan setup. It supports PWM, so I trust the one on the CPU will only rotate fast when it needs to, while the one at the front would be not really hearable with 7V and still provide enough airflow.

I also doubt the Shuriken would do its job well without an extra fan. In such a situation, you rely on the tiny 80mm fan inside the PSU to take away all the heat from the CPU heatsink to the outside world...
better to remove that one, as I did, and rely on a 120mm fan to do this job.

Btw, I live in Germany, and I now have the Yate Loon slim fan spare, as well as a Shuriken Rev.B - both totally untouched/unpacked, as I am totally happy with my modded 2x120mm Akasa + AXP 140 scenario.
So, we could basically make some deal if you like, I got the Shuriken for only 21€ here in Berlin, the Yate Loon came for 9,28 with shipping costs. So, we could squeeze a Euro out there, and see how much delivery to France costs, if you like.
I have not even tested their performance, and if you don't mind "breaking" your PSU, I still would recommend to do it :)

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Re: Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06: Gaming mini-ITX cases?

Post by MC FLMJIG » Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:35 pm

Great review except for the PSU. Ugh. That PSU fan is the loudest. I can't stand it. It is much louder than a 120 medium Yate loon at full speed.I mean, much louder. I opened the PSU and it is a 80x15 fan so I am going to be forced to mod a 80x25 fan somehow. I am going to flip it with the vent to the top and thinking about a pull instead of pushing air down.

I also thought about the PSU being in the front and it is very possible. However I do not want to venture on that. No time and don't feel like getting into it.

Asus AM3
Phenom 900e @1.15v @2.4Ghz (I'm sure I can push to 2.8+ in the future with 1.25v if needed.)
Modded Opteron heatsink with 120mm YL (thinking of a 140mm)
ATI 4850
1TB Sammy

I have not had time to mod anything yet but there is a decent amount of room to work if one is patient.

#1I'm looking to order a Spire SilverBlaze for the ATI to exhaust heat.
#2 Mod PSU fan
#3 Suspend HDD - No ODD and no carriage.
#4 figure out the air flow of the case. Was thinking of putting a fan on top to exhaust the heat. I'll figure it out lil by lil.
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Re: Silverstone Sugo SG05 and SG06: Gaming mini-ITX cases?

Post by Guest » Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:53 pm

Started my build:

Sugo SG05B
Phenom 900E @1.15v
Sammy 1TB
4850 - Getting Cooler with rear exhaust.
Asus AM3 ITX

Can't stand the noise of the PSU fan so I took it out.

Opteron heatsink modded and placed a 120mm Yate. Thinking about a 140mm.

If I had the time there's enough space to mod the PSU to the front.

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