Asus Eee PC Seashell 1005HA netbook

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Post by MikeC » Sat Sep 12, 2009 1:34 pm

tallphil --

It kind of depends on how close she is to the computer. From a meter, it's hard to hear if there's any background noise -- and in a hotel, there's always some HVAC fans, and other ambient noises.

If a ticking clock bothers her, I'd suggest play it safe and go for something w/o moving parts -- ie, fanless w/a solid state drive.

But if you're next to her in bed, play it safe.

I'm surprised she lets you stay up... almost any keyboard use would certainly make audible noise.

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Post by xan_user » Sat Sep 12, 2009 10:12 pm

K.Murx wrote:
Regarding the SSD issue:
Installing Flashfire will blow your mind on the 'slow' ssd's.

FWIW...For those night cats out there, I found the 1005 click buttons much louder than the ones on the 1000he, but not as loud as 900a's

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Post by tallphil » Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:00 am

Thanks for the advice Mike. As for keyboard noise - i haven't actually done this yet, my current technology is an FM analogue radio (very quiet and cool running, by the way :-) ) We'll see how it goes...

If anyone can recommend any other fanless netbooks I should look at, that would be very helpful.


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Post by anabellita » Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:14 pm

I'm typing from my new asus eeepc 1005ha ;). I've had i for a few days, now, and since I've been traveling the whole time, I've had quite a bit of a chance to play with it.

I bought this quickly while traveling, no time or will to do any research whatsoever - just wanted a holiday computer that would work and do the job out of the box: surfing, skyping, watching a movie, storing and sending pictures, occasional working when not at home or the office (hopefully *veeery* little of the latter). The only thing I knew was I didn't want an Acer. My sister owns two Acer notebooks and one Acer netbook, and all of them have heating issues and problems with the fan. Bad luck perhaps, but I didn't want to take chances.

I went into three stores on a free afternoon, saw they all had more or less the same specs, and chose the one within a reasonable price range with long battery life (6 cells) and windows 7 which came for a very tiny increase in price. I think this is how most people buy a netbook... most don't bother wiht extensive research for a product that will likely only be a no-worries, no-frills gadget. Looks like I got lucky, though ;)

I've never owned a laptop because I HATE the keyboard, butI have to admit I'm more comfortable than I would have expected typing on this. I will only need some more time to get used to the "start" and "end" keys.

I've even used it to get some work done on the plane, and while this will never be my preferred choice for taking work home, it's perfectly fine for occasional use.

I consider myself pretty icky when it comes to noise issues, and I have to say I only noticed the fan noise now that I'm surfing the web in the dead of the night (3 am)...and only while lying down sideways with the fan right in front of my face. If I sit up and place the netbook on my lap, I can hardly hear it.

Will download that application for controlling the fan, though, just in case... hope I can use it without overly heating the machine :? Any recommendations?

My only real complaint is the crippled Windows 7 Starter (didn't know about the issues before buying - like I said, no research whatsoever). Do you think the Atom N270 and the 1 GB RAM (might be willing to expand that in the near future) will take Windows 7 Home Premium? Is the upgrade worthwhile?

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