Silent Antec CHEAPly

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Re: Silent Antec CHEAPly

Post by colm » Fri Mar 05, 2021 7:20 am

been awhile.

my latest build in the same case has 4.15 years on the HDD hours.
the xeon e3-1270

Have needed nothing.
I am at a new address, near umo orono maine.

I thought of this place while moving.. old heatsinks and pc parts I had stored away coming out of the closet.
very humbling.

I turned 48 in january.
I found this place since day one.. I see it is almost 20 years now.
will try to check in more often.. time to catch up. :)

I quit smoking in aug 2019 after stating (written) "I just tasted the most horrible flem". they announced covid 4 months later
I have since gone into vape technology... not the kids playing version, but the inventors purpose. Been doing well. I mix my own light flavors. Just for quitting smoking. learning wattage and the technology.. I believe there is a future of medicine to come from that vape world.

a huge thing I have gotten into is the cellphone. Never had one as my fingers do not agree with the tiny screen. I found a phablet and am doing well with it.
I may stop custom building to go for a large screen lap top next.. but not sure.

Just wanted to say hi, and that i think of this place... this one thread is 15 years.
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Re: Silent Antec CHEAPly

Post by CA_Steve » Sat Mar 06, 2021 6:55 am

Welcome back.

My PC updates have certainly slowed down as my computing needs have nearly's just the occasional gfx card update for gaming..and moving to a 42" 2160p TV for a monitor. I don't think I could stand having a laptop for my primary display..or deal with it's noise.

Congrats on stopping smoking...but I don't think vaping is much of an improvement. You are still inhaling chemicals. If you still need nicotine, go for the patch or gum.

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