Fayd's Antec Solo

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Fayd's Antec Solo

Post by Fayd » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:09 pm

not quite as impressive as sladesurfer's :/








it's pretty loud compared to the antec sonata right next to it.

i think i made a real bad choice on the front 92mm fans. one of them wouldnt start at 5V, so they're both running at 7V. and they're LOUD :(

but, there's a bright side. i figure, since i have the capability, i'll just leave the 120mm fan there, and build a more permanent housing for it. bring it more to flush with the front of the case, and give it a nice black sheet aluminum housing. (similar to scythe kama, but wont cost me 20 bucks.)

i'll have to redo the mounting of the HSF, i think i used too much thermal paste. when i do that, i'll put back in that back plate, and take out the duct tape.

currently, the video card is stock at 567 mhz, dont know the memory. (factory OC) it idles at a toasty warm 65 degrees C, and runs full load at 80 degrees C.

prior to inserting that antec slot cooler in there (5volted) it ran at 68-70C idle, 84 load.

prior to putting the 120mm fan in front, it ran at 77 idle, 90+ load.

the processor, an E4400, is running at 270x10, for 2.7 ghz. idle at 45C, load at 60C. (that's from the cores)

my computers suffer from close proximity, in a case designed by a monkey. (me, a freshman in highschool woodshop, 8 years ago) i can see now, that i knew nothing about airflow patterns then.

but all is not lost. i'm currently attempting to source some of antec's 200mm tricools, so that i can put 2 in the back of the wood box, and draft the hot air out.

i swear.. next large computer upgrade i do, everything's going into 4-5U rackmount cases into a half height rack. then i can do my dream of installing a duct in the wall, putting an exhaust fan in the attic, and hooking the rack case to the wall via a flexy duct and exhaust the entirety of airflow through there through the attic and outside.

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Post by bonestonne » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:29 pm

heres my suggestion:

take off the fan thats right under the optical drive, its most likely unnecessary, and if need be, a Scythe Kama Bay would give a cleaner look.

if you remove the PCI blower fan, your temps most likely wont change much at all, isn't there a whole plastic cover over the card anyway?

the front fans may be tricky. they're probably having an issue getting so much air through the front of the case, so i'd suggest nexus or s-flex @ 7v. you can hardwire the fans and it would be easier than cutting/splicing resistors in the lines.

the only fan that runs at full speed in my case is the rear fan, which is a 1000rpm cooler master 120mm fan. virtually no noise from it, and it rarely even gets past 800rpm because my computer isn't hot enough.

cabling can probably be re-done...i've taken apart my computers almost endlessly until i was happy with it, especially my dual xeon rig, it was almost always open so i could move cables around. just get them all behind the HDD rack, bring them around and through holes in the motherboard plate if you can, bring them around the back of the case, it will help immensely.

if you take out the lower of the two front fans, and you run it at 5v, is that better? you really only need to cool off that gfx card, and one fan is more than enough for it. maximum airflow isn't half as important as minimum deadspots.

off topic by a lot, but what kind of knife is that on the desk? it almost looks like a gerber to me, but i'm not that up on knives really...i have a tool logic ^_^

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Post by Fayd » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:52 pm

bonestonne wrote: off topic by a lot, but what kind of knife is that on the desk? it almost looks like a gerber to me, but i'm not that up on knives really...i have a tool logic ^_^
knife i was given when i became an eagle scout.

it has engravings of my name, troop number, and the BSA insignia.

it's a buck knife.

edit2: btw, i have a lot of different knives. happens when you just *have* to have something :P

edit3: my locking knives are all buck. my one and only multi-tool (aside from those swiss army knives...) is a leatherman wave. and i have a single sheath knife from buck as well.


if you read why i did what i did, you will see that most of the extreme lengths i've taken were necessary, to some degree.

the 8800 doesnt just have a plastic shroud down there. it has some retarded exhaust vents that for the life of me i cant figure out why nvidia decided to put there. putting that fan there solves the cooling loop, and eliminates that dead spot. i will put some kind of shroud around it, so it wont suck in air directly from the front 92mm fans. as soon as i figure out a tape that will resist high heat, and wont leave a residue if i try to peel it.

with 2 92mm fans running at 7v, the video card was overheating. with the 120mm fan in place (in addition to those 2 92mm's....) it was barely not overheating. with the pci slot cooler in place, it's running cool enough for me to be comfortable with it.

like i said, a fair amount of my problems extend from it's close proximity to the other heat machine. (89w athlon x2, 6800GT... runs 24/7 just as you see it in that picture)

with the other machine turned off, all those temperatures listed are 5-7 degrees lower.

as far as the front 120mm fan goes, i'm working on figuring out something i can use as a metal brake. assuming i make it right, i can mount the drive rails to whatever i make, and make it able to be put in and pulled out at will. i'm not paying 20 bucks for a scythe kama... but if i can bend sheet metal properly, i'll end up with something that looks just as good as a scythe kama, and gives me the oppertunity to put a filter on that fan.

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Post by ame » Fri Aug 24, 2007 2:16 pm

It would be smart to cool that wooden "box". Cut 2 round holes at the top rear and install 2 12cm fans that you can run at 12v (or lower needs testing) with a standard DC convertor.
I have a similar setup at work with a dual Xeon computer in a wooden desk with a back door that is kept closed. Our tech installed 2*12cm 1200rpm fans with a 5$ DC 500mA box running at 12v (its behind the desk so the fan noise is negligable). It gets the hot air out.

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Post by Fayd » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:38 pm

actually, i think i figured out what the hell was so wrong.

after i undervolted the fans, i never gave the system a chance before duct-taping that rear vent (below the 120mm fan)

when i was working on my computers, and had my head behind that wooden box, i noticed i was getting airflow going OUT of that vent on the sonata machine, and it doesnt even have a fan blowing directly at that vent. so i realized, that since the case was positive pressure already, i was shooting myself in the foot by having that closed up. the case was getting too much heat built inside of it, and had only 1 120mm fan (and the psu fan) to exhaust it from.

of course, at the same time i made that modification, i jammed a 120mm tricool below the soundcard, at an angle enough to get air flowing directly at the video card. (lots of duct tape, and some cardboard...)

doesnt seem to have a huge effect on load temperatures, but i do seem to drop down to idle temperatures a LOT faster.

so... i'm thinking:

keep the front 120mm fan... maybe replace to higher quality fan.

move lower harddrive up 1 slot, so it doesnt interfere with the freestanding 120mm fan.

remove the slot blower, but leave it's pci slot blankout out.

keep that free-floating 120mm fan in the base in, make a more permanent mount for it, and double-stick tape it to the bottom of the case.

of course, before i do any of this, i gotta open the case and find the loudest components. (stick finger in fan test)

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Post by Moogles » Sat Aug 25, 2007 9:35 pm


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Post by Sainty » Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:18 am

Try and clean up those cables a bit son! That should help with the airflow. As for the name of that webhost.... :shock:

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Post by cyberspyder » Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:33 pm

Try to get a Spydie or Strider...!!!!Buck!!!!!

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