Supercharged Dell

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Supercharged Dell

Post by trandy1001 » Tue Sep 22, 2009 4:26 am

This is a joke build I made because I was bored, using my HTPC guts, lol.
Normally this is enclosed in a very modestly noisy Antec Fusion Remote Black. It is a little messy in there, but I plan on pulling all that stuff later today.

Decided my fellow SPCR'ers would get a kick out of it.

Specs as follows.

Phenom II 710 w. Noctua U12DO Heatsink
Apevia 700W PSU (It was cheap, my main is an earthwatts)
2x2gb G*skill, 2x2gb OCZ Reaper
HD4770 with Zalman VF950 with Noctua inline fan resistor.
Gigabyte 780G S2H Motherboard
Seagate 7200.12 500gb hard drive.
Arctic Cooling 92mm rear exhaust
Yate Loon 120mm Front
2x 120mm Sytche Slim fans on the CPU.

All Undervolted to 7v :)

My display is a 50" Panny G10 series plasma, onkyo tx-sr606 receiver, Polk Audio Monitor 60 fronts, Monitor 50 Center, Monitor 30 rears, JBL 10" sub.

The case side does have a window cut out, and I am thinking about some gaudy lights.

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Post by bonestonne » Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:36 am


looks pretty good, i like the glossy paint job.

reminds me of a computer i donated was an old Dell XPS T200 or something like that, originally had a P-II inside, i put in an older P4 with 768mb of RAM and called it a day. computer was donated to one of my dads coworkers, so i don't have any pictures of it.

where did you pick up those slim fans though? are they similar to slipstreams with smaller hubs, or normal fans with the large hubs?

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