My olde Antec P180 - modded & upgraded & loved for years

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My olde Antec P180 - modded & upgraded & loved for years

Post by khaakon » Sun Sep 18, 2011 1:39 pm

Only 2 fans and a X-650, passive heatsinks
..sad thing it's gonna be replaced with a Temjin TJ08E as soon as I can get my hands on it.. *damn suppliers :) I've had a mATX motherboard for ca 2 years now anyway, and I'll never go crossfire or SLI. When I bought this case in august 2005, I said 'this is gonna be the last big tower case that i'll ever need' - and it has seen a lot of different setups now, this old box.

Intel i7 860 @stock hz undervolted slightly - Noctua NH-U12P SE2
Gigabyte GA P55M UD4 / Kingston 4GB 1333 1,5v
Sapphire Radeon 5850 @stock w/AC Accelero S1 r2
Scythe 140mm case fan @700rpm + S-Flex 120mm exhaust fan @730rpm
Seasonic X-650/ Intel SSD / a varying bunch of spinning drives
Sorry, forgot the name of the stuff that I plastered around in the case.

Note the postcard atop the cpu cooler/exhaust fan - works nicely as a duct without stopping air from rising from the cooler. I also left open a small portion of the top fan pos. to let out some air there aswell (unless the rear exhaust fan draws air in from there?). I shut all holes at the back except the exhaust fan and a small strip over the PSU. If I closed that, the PSU might draw some air over the hard drives, but I never noticed if the fan runs or not. Yes, the graphics card is sagging a bit - but I don't mind, as long as its not trousers ;) Yes the SSD is just trown aginst the wall back there, but it doesn't obstruct airflow or fall over. My case doesn't travel anyway, and it has felt feet so it slides beautifully. The 140mm fan inside the old HD cage area is just propped up with some foamblocks (it has stopped falling down now, got it to set in the end, after some prying) :P. HD Cage still can be put back in cause I saved the sliding bits and just enough metal for that, when ruining my poor friends Dremel :S. I've also made some holes at the backplate and thereabouts for better cable management. The WL card is brand new and I had to take the PCI bracket off to get it to sit properly - it wouldn't work otherwise. I'd like to do some cutting in some PCI brackets and probably a little ducting for better airflow out the back around the graphics card, but that will have to wait for my new box (which has a flipped MB 8) !!) I'd also seriously want to start suspending HDD's.
P180 pic1.JPG
P180 pic2.JPG
Temps..? Who cares about temps :roll: Ach, as long as I dont overly tax(bench/torture) CPU + GPU at the same time, I'm fine. I do game with GPUmem(AIDA64) sometimes reporting 90+ celcius, maybe because I mounted half of the mem heatsinks perpendicular to the airstream :oops: I can speed up the fans if i want to.

*Edit; got a Silverstone TJ-08E, but looking at mini-ITX next
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