Quiet rig - ryzen build

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Quiet rig - ryzen build

Post by alexakasloth » Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:07 am

Hey, new to these forums and thought I would share my build that I've updated recently (photos attached).

Some background on it, I had a build with a haswell CPU (pentium g3258) that I started altering for quietness. I started with a passive CPU cooler (Raijintek Ereboss core) as the TDP was quite low, (54w) and then the graphics card (750ti with an Artic Accelero s3) as again, the TDP was low enough. I upgraded to an i5 4590s (65w) which was a small bump in power usage but still low enough that this could continue.

I upgraded last year to a Ryzen 7 1700, with 16GB DDR4 and an XFX 4gb rx 570. Case is a Bitfenix Nova, with a BeQuiet system power 8 450w, and a NVMe drive for storage.

As the Ryzen is a similar TDP I could continue with the same Raijintek Ereboss cooler. The rx570 uses around double the amount of power and the S3 is not rated for it without the use of 2 fans so I shopped around for an upgrade to the cooler and came across the Morpheus II made by Raijintek that would also match the cooler, they both have a nice glossy black finish.

I recently received a new PSU which has a passive mode (Seasonic Focus GX 550), whilst the BeQuiet PSU was fairly quiet it had a small hum to it however being the entry tier PSU it would be unrealistic to expect too much from it, for the value it was good. The Seasonic is a great upgrade, I am extremely pleased with the passive mode (at 30% load or less). Being fully modular means I am only using 3 cables which makes for a tidy build and good airflow.

Cooling is achieved with a BeQuiet Silentwings 3 and 2 Noctua Redux120mm PWM 1300's. I attempted to use one Noctua on the GPU (with adapter and low noise adapter) and the SW3 as an intake but the CPU was hitting the 90's whilst encoding due to lack of airflow which is too high! So I bought the second Noctua as an exhaust fan and temps have improved hugely. The fan profiles are set up in the BIOS for the case fans, they start at around 20% and start increasing from 50c steadily to full at 70c.

Side note, I tried using an Akasa Apache fan but found it gave an annoying whine/hum at low speeds. It does ok as an intake on my home server, so not really sure why, perhaps something to do with the GPU fan adapter?

I also removed the HDD cage to see if it improves airflow, it didn't really have an effect to be honest, the inside looks a bit cleaner.

Temp wise I am seeing the following:

CPU idle: 35c
CPU load: 74c
GPU idle: 32c
GPU load: 81c

So I am happy with how it is being cooled and it looks quite tidy, the Noctua fans add some contrast that I can expand on later with a white LED strip that I have.

I think next I would like to start building a case that removes a lot of the dead space, the front third of the case is purely used for the power/reset/usb and intake fan. I wonder if positioning the intake fan closer to the GPU at the right angle, and better airflow at the top/back would mean I could get away with two fans.
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