tweaking Silverstone FT02b for modern setup

Enclosures and acoustic damping to help quiet them.

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tweaking Silverstone FT02b for modern setup

Post by CoolColJ » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:03 am

I originally used the Ft02b to house an i7 3930k, Asus P9X79 16gb system for the last 10 years, until it died 2 months ago...

decided on an AMD upgrade, of MSI x570 Tomahawk, Ryzen 3800x (will upgrade to 5900x later on), with 32gb 3600mhz cl14 ram.
had everything running ontop of the case for a few weeks, to make sure everything was OK. Temps were good with open air and one of my Ap181 180mm fans adding airflow.

Took the chance to clean everything :D
Replaced the bottom 3 Ap181 fans with 3 180mm AP183 PWM fans, which are quieter and with full bios PWM control can run at < 500rpm

But when it came to install everything back into the case, things changed, much hotter!
Samsung 970 evo plus NVMe drive started to idle around 60 degrees...
And then found out my MSi RTX 3070 trio video card was too long...


Got the new setup up and running in my Silverstone FT02b

Ryzen 3800x boosting to 4.175ghz on all 8 cores now holds at 70degrees with 21 ambient. D14 fans hitting about 723RPM

I had to remove the middle bottom AP183 180mm fan at the bottom to fit my MSI RTX 3070 Trio, but then decided to place it on top the right bottom fan, with gaff tape holding it place :)
Not ideal but it still increases airflow, and positive air pressure, and together with my old Scythe S-flex 120mm on the top right at 600rpm, also gaff taped against the power supply keeps the Samsung 970 evo plus NVMe drive idling at 48 degrees now

I also decided to finally use a Scythe Kaze Jyuni 120mm I bought 9 years on the bottom left directly airflow against the X570 chipset and the RTX 3070, also flows up air to the my Western Digital SN550 NVMe in the Silverstone PCIe adapter.
This keeps the RTX 3070 trio's fan completely off, instead of it turning on and off periodically, although it's pretty much inaudible anyway.
This fan has more airflow than the S-flex, but not as quiet as my Noctua S12b on the single top case exhaust

The 3 hard drives on the left are suspended with veclro straps cut to length from a roll - inaudible from 1m away

Plenty of room on top of the heatsink for another 140mm fan.
Thinking about Noctua A12x25 120mm fan replacements, and maybe a 140mm version later on?
Or the new passive heatsink as well, as the dual stacked 180mm fans at the bottom should keep it cool :lol:

The Corsair HX1200 power supply is overkill, but the fan on it never comes on, until >600w load. And I have never seen it come on except when first powering up, so effectively a passive power supply :P


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