Update: Sparkle FSP300-60PN PSU @ Newegg & Evercase 4252

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Update: Sparkle FSP300-60PN PSU @ Newegg & Evercase 4252

Post by ecsdude » Fri Mar 19, 2004 8:22 pm

I just wanted to let people know that I purchased a Sparkle FSP300-60PN last week and received it today. I was expecting it to be identical to all of the Fortron FSP300-60PN that I have seen, with the fan grill mounted on the outside of the power supply, making it not possible to fit into an Evercase 4252 without modification. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised that the Sparkle version I received has the fan grill mounted on the inside so the grill doesn't stick out, making the bottom nearly perfectly flat, so it fits into an Evercase 4252 just fine, without modification. I don't know, however, if the Sparkle version has always been like this or if this is a recent change.

Someone recently posted a Fortron FSP300-60PN update, indicating that the one they purchased from Newegg was updated with blue molex connectors, a motherboard power connector with wires wrapped in a net-like material, and a SATA connector. Unfortunately, the Sparkle version I received did not come with any of those things. It came with 5 standard connectors, 2 4-pin connectors (the kind floppy drives use), and a flat, white-colored connector marked "P2". It also comes with that square-shaped secondary power connector for the newer Intel and AMD motherboards. Does anyone know what the "P2" connector is? I don't remember what it's for.

Also the heatsinks on these units, from what I've read, aren't as large as those in the versions with a smaller 80mm fan like the ATV version. In fact, the heatsinks on this unit I got don't look that big at all... they are L-shaped and it looks like there are only two of them. I'm wondering if they started using smaller heatsinks or if this is typical for this particular model.

Lastly, I can't tell what brand fan is used in this power supply since there's no sticker on the bottom, and I'm not going to open it up to find out. Was wondering how you guys identified yours as being Yoon brand or whatever.

Anyway, hope this update helps anyone considering buying the 120mm version but put off by it not fitting into an Evercase 4252 without modification. I don't know if you'll get one like mine if you order now, but at least you'll know it's possible to get one.

I'll provide an update on the noise level of the PSU once I get the rest of my components installed and fire it up.

On another note regarding the Evercase 4252: The Evercase model E4252WSF-F @ Newegg shows 80mm rear fan punchout in photos, but it appears all the shipping units have been updated with 120mm fan punchouts.

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Post by Edward Ng » Fri Mar 19, 2004 9:04 pm

The older Fortron-brand FSP300-60PN had the grill outside, but the newer ones, like mine, were exactly like yours; the grill was on the inside.

Too bad neither of us got lucky and received the new, new model. :?


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